Birthdays, Parades, and Meat

Well it’s been a while but I’m still here. Been a very busy couple weeks. The Hubbys best friend came into town for Memorial Day weekend so the fun lasted for days.

We started on Friday with a trip to Medieval Times for dinner and a show. I was pleasantly surprised with the food and the show which were both really good. Even The Kid liked it. What I wasn’t surprised by was the gimmicky souvenir shop they corral you into prior to the show. We were team Black and white. Sadly team Red and Yellow won.

We always need a selfie when wearing a crown.

We unknowingly had front row seats to all the action

Saturday we spent the Day at our local amusement park. We bought the season passes on blank Friday at a nice discount so we had to get get them and enjoyed the day. It was super nice but unseasonably warm so the water park area was packed which made for shorter lines for the other rides.

Sunday was the official start of parade season. I had the first of what was supposed to be 3 Memorial Day parades but alas 2 of them that were supposed to be on Monday were canceled.  This is the first time I can remember in my 22 years I can recall both parades being canceled.

The threat of rain (which ended around 9am) didn’t keep us from going forward with Meat-A-Palooza! Since I was home The Hubby and I went to work on clearing up the garage in case we needed to move the party indoors. Turned out we only needed the garage for the food tables it was a gorgeous day for a backyard shindig. We had about 30 or so people (honestly I didn’t count). I was so busy enjoying the day that the only picture I have is of the pork in its cooking stage so enjoy that.

So with Parade season starting out so dismally on memorial day we made up for it the last 2 weeks with 3 other parades, these are your standard issue Firemens parades complete with carnivals and Fire Apparatus. Below is a pic with my fancy feathered cap we wear. Beautiful isn’t it?

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