Spring had sprung 

Easter seemed to have come out if nowhere. 

We spent a low key holiday just the three of us and the puppies. 

We had a lovely brunch out then a day at home just doing things around the house. 

The disco eggs were only out for a week since I waited until after St Patrick’s day to decorate the cubicle. 
  The Hubby found this on Pinterest so The  Kiddo and I had some fun making them to bring to my Dads house Saturday night. 

Easter isn’t Easter without a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. All homemade of course. 

  The Kiddo helped set the table and insisted we all had to use fancy glasses. I had wine he had ginger ale. 

I wanted something different for dinner so I decided on Stuffed Cabbage. It was missing something flavor wise but it was still delicious. The hack I used to get the cabbage leaves to wrap easily is one you wouldn’t even think of. 

Core the head of the cabbage and place it in the freezer for 24-48 hours depending on the size of the head. Once fully frozen remove and put in a colander to thaw for another 12-24 hours. The leaves will peel off and be tender enough to wrap, no boiling necessary. 

Here’s a closeup of the Peep Racecars. Aren’t they seriously cute. 

This is Mama our latest foster dog. Isn’t she pretty. She was a brood mom after her raging days ended. Now it’s time for her to become a pet. Anyone interested? 
No bowling this week due to the holiday so I’ll be bank next week with that update. 

Next up on the schedule is The Kiddos birthday then mine. 

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