2 become 3 

So the past week was a huge turn of events for The Hubby, The Kid, and I. About 4 weeks ago we finally got word that we had a court date to finalize the Adoption of The Kid. It was the longest wait of our lives.

The sign we had made says it all, it literally tells a whole story. The Kid was removed from his Bio parents in March of 2013. We were his 3rd and final home in his journey through the foster care system, a journey that ultimately took way too long for him and for us. We invited a few people to join us, knowing it the middle of the day on a weekday we knew that many wouldn’t be able to.

In the end we had our friend Nana Ken (Walt the Shut-in’s Husband), my ex work wife, another Foster/Adoptive Mom and her foster Son, My Sister, Brother, and Nephews Girlfriend, and our friend the cameraman who comes into play later.

  We naturally had to have some kind of cake in celebration of the big day.

One of our friends is a cameraman for one of our local TV stations so after we finished at the courthouse he offered to give us a tour. We saw the News Room and the printing presses for the newspaper that is housed in the building as well.
  And someone got to pretend to be a news anchor.   And a Weatherman
img_5340Thursday upon my return to work I was in all day meetings, then my boss took the team to lunch. When we got back she was insistent that we go back into the conference room to finish up a meeting I thought we finished. Turns out she was using that as an excuse to get me to my own “Baby Shower” where the entire office was there to wish me well and of course have more cake.

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