Bowling Week #4 2016

And away we go! This week was just what we needed as a team.

Game #1 – 178

Game #2 – 162

Game #3 – 149

My starting average going into the night was a 153, and that hasn’t changed

This week we played Team Here 4 Beer which is very telling because it seemed the more they drank (3 pitchers) the worse they bowled.

The Hubby on the other hand had a most excellent night bowling a 181 in his last game giving him the High Handicap Series score!

We took all 4 points for the week pushing us into 4th place. But this is where it gets interesting, we are technically tied for 2nd place with 3 other teams (we all have 9) but due to Pin Count we are in 4th by a very thin Margin. 2nd place has 9,835 Pins, 3rd has 9,763, we have 9,753 and 5th has 9,635 so only 200 pins difference within us.

Next week we play Team Pinned Down who happens to be in 2nd place.



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