Christmas time was here

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is already almost a week behind us. It was a great holiday with lots of food, fun, and family. Not to mention a visit from a certain someone as you can see by the pile under the tree.

The Kid absolutely loved the song I want a Hippopotamus For Christmas and wouldn’t stop singing it so we naturally had to get him one.

Even the puppies got some gifts in their stockings, though Mabel seems to be enjoying the pheasant more than Duncan. This was taken mere minutes after giving it to her.

One of the newest ornaments on the tree this year was purchased back in June while on our trip to Lake George with the Drum Corps

img_5176This is my 3rd most favorite gift, 2nd most being the slew of graphic TShirts (one which combines the Witch below with Doctor Who) I got from the Hubby. The Kid and I have already begun playing the Lego Dimensions Game but he is mad I haven’t put the Witch and Monkey together yet. All in due time my Pretties.


Christmas Day we hoofed it up to my Brothers house to spend a mostly quiet and uneventful day there drinking and eating and laughing. The Hubby and I brought with us this lovely specimen of Meat. It was just easier to cook it at home rather than try and transport all of the outdoor cooking utensils and all the other stuff. By far one of the best Prime Ribs we have done. 

Not to be outdone in the cooking department My Dad took up the reigns and made my Brother his Birthday cake. My lucky Brother was born on Christmas day and up until my Mom passed she was always the one who made sure he got both Christmas presents and Birthday Presents separate. And the Birthday ones were always wrapped in Birthday paper. Honestly not so bad for what I think is my Dads first attempt at a character cake.

This is my favorite present of all. Not just because I bought The Hubby a matching one of Flying Pigs, but because of what it represents. Moons and Stars and Suns were my Moms thing, She had tons of them everywhere. These will remind me of her and that’s the best gift anyone could give.

I love to you the Moon and Back.

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