Decking the Halls

It’s the (2nd)* Most Wonderful Time of the year………  The Tree has been trimmed, and the wooden tree The Hubby made a few years back has been put out and plugged in. We had a nice afternoon as a family decorating the tree and telling The Kid about some of the ornaments and the stories behind them. He has a few of his own that he put on there as well.
  As is our tradition the The Hubby opened a couple bottles for us to enjoy while we decorated and listened to Christmas Music. The Wine decided they wanted in on the action and donned their Ugly Christmas Sweaters.

  This is one of my favorite parts of Christmas, watching the Sun and Moon card holder that sits empty 10 months of the year fill up.
  Since we had so many ornaments I had to make room for on the Tree the Mermen have been relocated to the 2 rods in the living area so they can shine bright for all to see.   Santa Merman of course gets the middle spot near the tree.
The other most important piece of Christmas and the most special decoration I have is the ceramic lighted tree. This was my Grandmothers tree, that my mother made, and keeps them both close to me during the Holidays.








*The first would be Back To School Time.


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