Choo Choo Magoo

It’s that time again, our annual excursion to The New York Botanical Garden and then lunch on Arthur Ave in the Bronx.

It wasn’t open when we arrived at 9 but I thought it was a cute scene.

  This was one of 4 sets of bridges they constructed for the trains, all of them iconic New York Bridges.

  The above picture is the Conservatory where all of the Trains are set up within all of the plant beds. The picture doesn’t do the actual piece justice.

The above picture is a recreation of the New York Worlds Fair, although the big fan piece looks shiny but it is actually Fabric Swatches.

  I love how they captured the iconic Lions from the New York Public Library.

Back on Veterans Day we watched them installing these trees into the fountain. They came out beautifully. We did take a nice Family Photo in front of them as well.

 After we toured the Train Show, walked through the Childrens Adventure Zone, and took  Tram ride around the Garden grounds we hit the gift shop then headed on over to Arthur Ave for lunch and perusing of the meat and cheese stores.

If there was one store like this there had to be at least 5 of them. Meat curing as far as the eye could see, and it smelled heavenly.

Later in the evening we were invited to my brothers house for a little Christmas gathering he was hosting. It was a nice evening full of food, fun, and shenanigans. I saw this recipe for Christmas Tree Brownies and thought I can do that, well of course I had to add my own spin to it and add the Eyeballs, though someone asked why the trees had boobies.


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