Flowers, burgers, and Noodles

So to close out the staycation 2 weeks ago we had a visit to the The Botanitcal Garden on Veterans Day. We saw they were in the process of setting up the Annual Train show which started this past weekend. What we didn’t know about was the Chrysanthemum displays they had in the greenhouse.

This ornamental display was outside the greenhouse.

We also finally got to visit the Rockefeller Rose Garden, and we were presently surprised to find some roses still in bloom in November.

No trip the Bronx is complete without a trip to Arther Avenue. No only do we visit the Meat Markets and Cheese shops, we also had to get pizza for lunch. Well The Hubby and The Kid had pizza I had stromboli.

Thursday found The Kid back in school after having Veterans day off, and The Hubby and I headed out to meet a friend for lunch. We were going to meet him at his Familys Wine shop then head over to Steak and Shake for burgers and milkshakes for lunch.

We arrived to town a little earlier than expected so we wandered the street and popped into a couple stores. The above item may just end up on someones Christmas list.

This is our friend Carl who we were meeting up with. He Actually DOES work when at work.

To wrap up the final day of the Staycation we slept in, had some coffee, then went for Manicures and Pedicures. They ladies who work remembered us from the last time we were there. Afterwords we headed over to a local Thai place we haven’t been to in a very long time, and both ended up ordering the Special for lunch Drunken Noodles.

OMG They were amazing! The hubby had Shrimp and I had Chicken.

The Weekend brought us back to our normal schedule, but also found The Kid at my Brothers house for a sleepover which allowed us to both attend Gayme Night (together, on the same night even!).

Last week was an uneventful week and now we we find ourselves gearing up for Thanksgiving. Bring on the Deep Fried Pickles and Turkey!


So the hubby and I both figured out back in October that we each had some vacation days to burn before the end of the year. He has the ability to carry over days from previous years (well in his business they count them as hours), I can’t carry over anything. Come January I get an additional 2 days of vacation to add to the mix.

Since we both had time we decided to just take a week off and do some stuff together, we of course will keep The Kid in school for the 4 days he has it. Oh and we also failed to mention to him that we were taking these days off.

Monday started with our normal weekday routine, we got up our normal time, showered, got him ready and on to the bus, I even went so far as to get in my car and drive around the block. After the bus pulled away we came back inside and had some coffee and watched a couple of our stories, then headed out to catch a mid morning showing of The Martian. We both enjoyed the movie very much, The Hubby had read the book, and mentioned a few things they may have left out. I enjoyed it for what it was a good movie with an interesting story and Matt Damons butt.

After the movie we grabbed lunch and headed home to wait for The Kids Social Worker to come over with a bunch of paperwork for us to sign to move forward with the Adoption. I know I haven’t said much but things kind of just happened within the last few weeks. Both of his Bio Parents consented to terminating their rights and signed all of those papers last Thursday. This was the best news we had heard since up until then Dad was still going to fight  and Trial dates were supposed to be this week. We hope to have this done by the end of the year but realize with holidays and the way the state moves it could be January.

Tuesday morning we went through the same motions of getting ready for work, and getting The Kid onto the bus, though instead of just driving around the block I went and picked us up some breakfast. I made a pot of coffee and we hunkered down on the couch for some PS3 time for The Hubby and a couple more stories. We then jumped in the car and headed out to the happiest place on earth IKEA! And as is the rule we walked out with a few things and spent the requisite $100. Since we were out and about we ran a few other errands as well that The Kid would have complained about.

The rest of the week is just as jam packed as the beginning, Wednesday we are visiting the NY Botanical Garden and Arthur Ave for lunch, Thursday is a lunch date to Shake Shack and a visit to our friends Wine Emporium, and I think Friday is a lot of nothing planned but who knows what the day could bring.

The weekend we are shipping The Kid off to my Brothers for a sleep over and The Hubby and I are heading to Gayme Night together for the first time in over a year. So even though we aren’t doing anything super exciting we are making the most of our time off.