This past weekend The Hubby, The Kid, and I got the chance to hit up a local restaurants Oktoberfest offerings. We have been to this particular restaurant quite a bit, it is also the home of a monthly social gathering, which we haven’t been to in a while. This is the 3rd set of owners since the social started 2 1/2 years ago.

I was excited when I saw they were offering the special menu for Oktoberfest for the entire month of October, not just a week or 2.

  I had the Cider, Hubby had a Octoberfest Beer, and The Kid had a Shirley Temple

Naturally a Pretzel Appetizer is a must

  Here is my Best of the Wurst.
I missed getting a pic of The Hubbies Schnitzel Ala Holstein but as you can see his was just as horrible as mine was.

The Kid had some of the pretzel and then Chicken Fingers and fries. What can I do, he is still hesitant to try any new foods, but we managed to get him to the spaetzle which he liked.

3 thoughts on “Prost!

  1. Sometime you boys need to come over for Schnitzel! We will drink beer — lots of beer….so then The Kid can sleep on the little couch, cause he is the only one that could and the 2 of you can curl up in bed with me — will be so comfy and cozy —- we won’t know though — we will have drunk beer! LOL

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