Happy Gotcha Day!

familyToday marks the 1 year anniversary of #DanburyJr moving in with us. It’s hard to believe it has been that long (though some days it’s seems longer).

There have been many ups and downs and mood swings and craziness that has ensued over the last year. I won’t bore you with the mundane stuff like therapist visits and Bio Family stuff (though the book I could write about that shit), but there were many firsts for all of us.

The Hubby and I dealt with the first lost tooth, our first winter cold, our first fire drill of closed or delayed school openings, our first Christmas through the eyes of our own child.

Junior had his first Deep fried turkey, Christmas that was purely about him, New Years Eve party with all of our friends excited to meet him, his first Taco, his first Foster Greyhounds, along with his first Drum Corps weekend in  Lake George, Wine Tour weekend with the dogs, and his first Cruise, just to name a few things.

So now we move onward, things in the legal aspect haven’t really moved much but based on some new meetings this past week we are heading in the right direction finally.

The photo above is the best I can do right now for him on social media. This was taken on the cruise as we were getting ready to set sail.

To celebrate his Gotcha Day we are planning a dinner out and I think I will now have to make a cake. He’s a fickle one which is sometimes difficult to deal with, but we are helping to expand his horizons little by little.


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