Lake, woes be gone

4th of July Weekend found us with an extra day off on Friday the 3rd, so we packed up The Kiddo and the car and headed out to our friends lake house in Sullivan County, NY for the weekend. It was nice to unwind with nothing to do but eat and drink and enjoy the country air.

We headed out around 9am, grabbed some breakfast and gassed up the car and hit the road. We had a few alternate routes to take to avoid some traffic but still managed to make it in time for lunch.

This is the view from their deck.The house is co-owned by our 2 friends and their Brother and Sister-in-law. It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since it was built. It’s a 3 bedroom open air plan house with a decent size kitchen, large living room, loft off of the upstairs bedroom and a full size basement.
The Neighbors decided to do some afternoon floating in the lake and on our friends dock. None of us complained at all. As it would turn out we saw quite a bit of the neighbors over the weekend. Around dinner time on Friday 3 of them came knocking on our door asking if we had any spare charcoal as they miscalculated and ran out before they could finish cooking dinner. Our friends use Gas so they did one better and offered up the grill for them to use as we were not quite ready to cook dinner yet. Brock and Mike and Liza were a delight to sit and chat with while they cooked. They were each half of the 3 couples who were up from Brooklyn who crashed their friends place while they were honeymooning in France.

No holiday weekend is complete without a Cheese and Salami Plate. We enjoyed this on Saturday after our trip to the Farmers Market and a dip in the lake for The Kiddo and I.

The Hubby decided he wanted a Fire to enjoy on Saturday evening. The weather all day wasn’t the best, mostly cloudy but spots of rain off and on. Here is my Boy Scout with his kindling going to make a fabulous fire we all sat around. Even The Kiddo enjoyed it while eating his ice cream before bed.


Saturday night and the lake is as still as could be and almost mirror like.

The Kiddo had to have one last swim in the lake on Sunday Morning between breakfast and lunch before we packed up and headed home. We all enjoyed ourselves and look forward to getting back up there again soon.

The work week has been pretty uneventful. We have 3 parades coming up this weekend, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. Let’s hope the weather cooperates with us and the only moisture we have to contend with is from sweat and not rain.

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