Parade-a-palooza and Daddy’s Day

Last past weekend was the first of a few trips we have planned. The Drum Corps was hired to march in Lake George, NY for the annual Hudson Valley Volunteer Firemen Association Convention parade.

Normally The Hubby and I drive up on Friday morning and get there in time for lunch. This year we talked about it and decided to head up there after work on Thursday which allowed us a bit more Family time before all the hulabaloo started.

  We started with dinner out just the 3 of us, The Hubby had a local beer, I had a margarita and The Kiddo had Pepsi.

Friday we got up went and had a lovely breakfast, and then wandered the Village, doing some shopping. The day started a little overcast as you can see from the picture of the lake above.  IMG_4370 Once the clouds burned off The Kiddo and I took the opportunity to head to the pool and get some swimming and relaxing in. He enjoyed the pool both days and  practiced with his Snorkel for the cruise later this summer.

Along with the Dress Parade on the Saturday of the weekend there is a Mardi Gras parade on Friday night. A small group of us decided to go with a Super Hero T-Shirt and Cape ensemble. I of course had to go the extra mile and wear my new Kilt while marching. It was certainly well received.The Shirt happens to be the Sales Team shirt I designed last year.  The Hubby wore his new Kilt as well to watch the parade. Look at those legs….

Now I am all about the Dress Uniforms for the Firemen on the day of the Parade but I certainly did not complain about this view prior to the parade starting.

We were in the escort division which was nice since we had a shorter march (even though we walked to our line up spot, then all the way back to the hotel after the parade). Unfortunately the Corps did not win any trophies but our Color Guard walked away with the Best Color Guard Non Firematic award.

After the parade on Saturday we had some more pool time then headed out to meet our friends Walt and Ken for dinner. They live not far from Lake George and they were actually both in town for a change so we took the opportunity to get together. Walt always travels with some sort of action figure and this time he didn’t disappoint with the 11th Doctor.

Sunday was Fathers Day along with the day we packed up to head home. The above picture takes me back to when I was The Kiddo’s age. The Lone Bull was the place for Family breakfast every year when my family would visit. It wasn’t the same without Mom but I felt I needed to continue the tradition she started with my family and introduce The Kiddo to the Cow syrup pitchers.

After breakfast we went back to the hotel packed up the car and headed out in the rain. Our first stop were the outlets a couple exits down the thruway from the Hotel. There were the typical stores we avoided, but did find some good deals on some shoes. Naturally we stopped at Rileys one of the biggest Souvenior shops there and picked up a few t-shirts for The Kiddo (who has already worn all of them). After our little shopping trip, and based on a tip from one of the drum corps members, we headed over to Sushi Yoshi for lunch. They were running a Fathers Day Special, bring in your Kid and Dads eat Free! Best Idea ever. The Hubby had Sushi, I had Mongolian Beef and The Kiddo had Chicken Wings. The best part was both The Hubby and I got our meals for free! CHA-CHING!

Back in the car we went and onward home. I unpacked our clothes, did some laundry, made out lunches for Monday and then a lovely dinner. All in all pretty quiet and subdued for our first Fathers Day.

With no school and summer camp not starting until this week I ended up working from home with the Kiddo on Monday and Tuesday. Monday was also a trip to the Vet for our Foster Dog Vic to have his staples removed from his leg. Weds and Thurs I had to drag The Kiddo to the office with me, he enjoyed it a little, he prefers The Hubbies office since there is Wifi there.

Tuesday night found us at the little hole in the wall restaurant by our house for dinner with the extended family for Dad’s Birthday. Wednesday was another parade, no rest for the weary, followed by a rainy weekend of errands and hanging around the house.

Well that about catches y’all up with the goings on round here.


5 thoughts on “Parade-a-palooza and Daddy’s Day

  1. We had one of those cow dispensers at home when I was a kid, but, usually, it was used as a milk/cream dispenser. As the milk streamed from the cow’s mouth, my sister and I would make pretend vomit sounds.

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