Forward March

Well Parade season is under way, we have 6 under our belts so far with another coming up this weekend along with a Flag Day Ceremony performance.

Last Saturday we had the pleasure of celebrating our friend Geoffs 40th Birthday. It was a nice gathering of friends in a pot luck style picnic. I brought a fabulous Corn and Black Bean Salad and some interesting cookie I made. They were so simple to make using a box cake mix, a tub of cool whip, and an Egg.

Other than parades it’s been pretty quiet with activities with the exception of a day trip over the border to Birds of Prey exhibit. We have seen signs for this previously and one thing or another got in the way of us attending. Honestly we were surprised at how big it was but disappointed there weren’t more Birds doing bird things. The other disappointment was we totally missed seeing Neil Patrick Harris there with his family.


After our day out with The Kid and our Nephew the Hubby and I had to go pay our respects to our good friend who lost his sister. These are the types of friends you would do anything for. We are on the calendar to spend July 4th weekend with them at their Lake house and hob knob as some pretend Sullivan County Gays.

But before we hob knob we have another weekend away with the Drum Corps in Lake George, NY. Not just a get away but we have 2 parades to march that weekend. The first one is the Friday Night Mardi Gras parade where all of the fire departments either dress up in crazy costumes and/or have some funky floats. Saturday is the Dress Parade where the Fire Departments and bands compete for best in the area. The last time we marched in this parade I was the Drum Major and the Corps won Best Overall.

Thats about all for now, work has been work, not too crazy not too quiet. Some lunch time walks have been had which is always a thrill when the Geese families are out on the path around the pond. Hiss indeed!



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