Hup 2, Three, 4

And so it begins again…..Memorial Day weekend is not only the unofficial start of Summer but it is the Official Start of Parade Season.

This weekend did not disappoint in the Parade Shenanigans. We started with 1 parade on Sunday afternoon which was kind of the warm up to the 2 parades we would have on Monday.

Don’t I look amazing? This was taken Monday morning as we had breakfast and prepared for the day. The Niece (who is 4) let me borrow (begrudgingly) her Princess Headband and Sunglasses to snap a quick pic.

Once breakfast was had it was on the bus and off to Main Street for the line up.


This was the view from where we started. It doesn’t look it up this end but most of the parade route the people were 5 deep and in some spots 10-15 people deep. The weather really does help the turn out and this 21st year of Marching down Main Street was made that much better.

After the local town parade we got back on the bus and headed to the next town over for their parade. Over the years this parade has gone from good to bad to worse back to good.

The good is the length, less than a mile. The bad is the fact that every kid in town is in this parade. The good is they are all behind us. The bad is that the group in front of us moves way too slow. At least there weren’t any horses in front of us like there were at the parade we marched on Sunday.

So here’s to another parade season in full swing, next one is this Friday, see you on The Street.


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