20 Years

Tonight is a big night for me. As of this posting I am attending the annual Drum Corps Awards Banquet being ushered into the 20 Year Club (or Old Reliables as they are reffered). I join many a men who have come before me including my older Brother.

In the 20 years I have been a member I have held the offices of Secretary, Financial Secretary, and Treasurer.  I have also served on a slew of committees, including but not limited to, Entertainment, Ways and Means, Membership and the last 2 years been a member of the Board of Trustees. I’ve had perfect attendance, and near perfect attendance. I started by playing the Glockenspiel, have marched in the Color Guard, became Drum Major, and have come full circle back to the Glock.

In the time I have been a member I have Graduated High School, bought a house, gotten Married, adopted 6 Greyhounds, had Thyroid Cancer, my nose done, gained 2 Nephews, a Niece, 4 Sisters-in-Law, lost my Mom and a Sister-in-Law, and became a father.

So raise a glass and Salute me tonight!







ChellThis is my sister, she is being honored with 10 years of Service tonight.

This brings the total years of Service combined for my Family to 70.

I took this recording the other night of our newest song, Late in The Evening, I hope you enjoy it.


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