Easter and a Birthday Bonanza

So the Easter Bunny has come and gone…..He left some candy and some toys, but didn’t take the Eggs like he was supposed to. I’m not sure if the Kiddo has never decorated Easter Eggs before but he enjoyed it but wasn’t really into it if that makes sense.

We had a nice Easter dinner just the 3 of us which was the first time we haven’t gotten together for a Holiday with my family.

We had vegetables for dessert in the form of a Carrot Cake! I love carrot cake and haven’t made one in a long time as it became my sister-in-laws go to dessert. I guess it’s another family thing I need to keep going.

It’s all fun and games until somebunny loses an eye, and their ears.

Tuesday after Easter was The Kiddos Birthday, so I whipped up some Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting and brought them out to a local dive joint that does Free Birthday Wings. It was a nice night out just the three of us and bonus I didn’t have to cook.



Saturday we had a small get together with some friends and their Kids per The Kiddos request. I went a little bit fancier and made a Minecraft Creeper cake, and it did not disappoint! First Birthday as Dads in the books and we succeeded.



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