Bowling Week #14 2015

Let’s Go Bowling!

Game #1 – 165

Game #2 – 210

Game #3 – 140

My starting average going into the night was a 150, my average is now 151.

This week we played Team Fruits and Nuts. Half of this team also happens to be 2 really good friends of ours.

We took 3 points for the week pushing us back up into 5th place but only because of the total pin count.

Next week we play Spare Me for the penultimate night.

20 Years

Tonight is a big night for me. As of this posting I am attending the annual Drum Corps Awards Banquet being ushered into the 20 Year Club (or Old Reliables as they are reffered). I join many a men who have come before me including my older Brother.

In the 20 years I have been a member I have held the offices of Secretary, Financial Secretary, and Treasurer.  I have also served on a slew of committees, including but not limited to, Entertainment, Ways and Means, Membership and the last 2 years been a member of the Board of Trustees. I’ve had perfect attendance, and near perfect attendance. I started by playing the Glockenspiel, have marched in the Color Guard, became Drum Major, and have come full circle back to the Glock.

In the time I have been a member I have Graduated High School, bought a house, gotten Married, adopted 6 Greyhounds, had Thyroid Cancer, my nose done, gained 2 Nephews, a Niece, 4 Sisters-in-Law, lost my Mom and a Sister-in-Law, and became a father.

So raise a glass and Salute me tonight!







ChellThis is my sister, she is being honored with 10 years of Service tonight.

This brings the total years of Service combined for my Family to 70.

I took this recording the other night of our newest song, Late in The Evening, I hope you enjoy it.

Date Night

So last weekend we convinced my sister to come over and watch The Kiddo so The Hubby and I could have a Date Night. This turned into Cousins Sleepover night as my Sister ended up bringing over our youngest Nephew (13) and our Niece (4 going on 40).

So after dinner The Hubby and I hopped into the car and headed out for Poughkeepsie to the monthly Pop-Up Gay Bar. Two of our friends who run the group Big Gay Hudson Valley have put together this monthly gathering, if it were closer we would try to be there as often as possible.

The man above is the main reason we broke free from being Daddies for the evening. I present to you Tom Goss *swoon*. He is by far one of the most adorable singing gay men I have ever had the pleasure to lay eyes on. Now just to clarify The Hubby gets first dibs.

Here is a video of Tom singing one of his more well known songs Bears

This is Go Go Gadget, I admit he is the reason I jumped at the chance of going on a date night. We first saw Gadget 2 years ago at the first ever Hung With Care Burlesque show that BGHV brought to Poughkeepsie. This is our third time seeing him as we just saw him back in December at the 2nd Hung With Care Burlesque show. He was just as good if not better now than he was way back then.

Here is a quick video I took of Go Go Gadget in all his hotness.

This is Poppy Tart, she brought the Tits and the Feathers to the evening. Ya know there is something to be said for a sexy lady dancing with Ostrich Feathers.

And this is what they look like behind the mask of Clown and Feathers….

Oops we ended up sitting in the splash zone, I didn’t realize he was taking cues from Gallagher.

I leave you with a quick snapshot of the Daddies at the park. It was such a nice day out on Sunday that we decided to go to the park with The Kiddo so I snapped a quick Park Pic!

Bowling Week #13 2015

Not so good a night for Team Alley Oops but we trudge forward

Game #1 – 141

Game #2 – 128

Game #3 – 128

My starting average going into the night was a 151, my average is now 150.

This week we played Team Downton Alley whom I always enjoy bowling against even though the starting spread is always way over 100 points.

We took 0 points for the week pushing us down into 6th place. I happened to notice that there is only 1 point separating each team in order from 1-8 so we can easily move up the ranks.

Next week we play Team Fruits and Nuts.

Easter and a Birthday Bonanza

So the Easter Bunny has come and gone…..He left some candy and some toys, but didn’t take the Eggs like he was supposed to. I’m not sure if the Kiddo has never decorated Easter Eggs before but he enjoyed it but wasn’t really into it if that makes sense.

We had a nice Easter dinner just the 3 of us which was the first time we haven’t gotten together for a Holiday with my family.

We had vegetables for dessert in the form of a Carrot Cake! I love carrot cake and haven’t made one in a long time as it became my sister-in-laws go to dessert. I guess it’s another family thing I need to keep going.

It’s all fun and games until somebunny loses an eye, and their ears.

Tuesday after Easter was The Kiddos Birthday, so I whipped up some Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting and brought them out to a local dive joint that does Free Birthday Wings. It was a nice night out just the three of us and bonus I didn’t have to cook.



Saturday we had a small get together with some friends and their Kids per The Kiddos request. I went a little bit fancier and made a Minecraft Creeper cake, and it did not disappoint! First Birthday as Dads in the books and we succeeded.


Bowling Week #12 2015

We are getting ever closer to the end….

Game #1 – 128

Game #2 – 159

Game #3 – 125

My starting average going into the night was a 154, my average is now 151.

This week we played Team Pinned Down, this is now the 2nd time we have played them this season.

We took 3 points for the week pushing us up into 4th place based solely on pin counts

Next week we play Team Downton Alley.

Bowling Week #11 2015

Around and round we go….

Game #1 – 143

Game #2 – 159

Game #3 – 119

My starting average going into the night was a 154, my average is now 154

This week we played Team Double Wood again, this is now the 3rd time we have played them this season.

We took 2 points for the week which oddly enough keeps us in 5th place. We gave them a run for their money winning Games 2 and 3, they won Game 1 by such a wide margin they took Overall pins.

This week we play Pinned Down (or The No Fun Zone as we “lovingly” refer to them ).