Orchid you not

The Hubby and I took The Kid and our youngest nephew for a day trip to the New York Botanical Garden. This time we had the pleasure of exploring The Orchid Show Chandeliers (and yes I did sing the song throughout the day).

I Wannnnnnnna Swinnnnng from the Chandeliers….the Chandeliers……

Here are some of my favorite orchids. The rain stopped us from exploring the rest of the garden grounds but we will make another trip in during the spring when everything outside is in bloom.
















Even though it was raining we still found our way over to Arthur Avenue for lunch. We enjoyed a slice of NY pizza, perused the meat markets, and of course stopped at the Bakery for snack.

This trip and weekend visit with the nephew also coincided with Pi Day so naturally we celebrated with an Apple and Pear Tarte Tatin. The hubby made the dough using a 100 year old rolling pin from his family. Neither The Kid nor the Nephew cared for it so they just had ice cream. I thought it came out great and enjoyed it.



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