Do your shoes match your belt?

Well it’s the end of February already, imagine that it’s been snowy and cold. Eh I’m used to it, it is New England after all.

Not too much to report really, lots of cold and shoveling so there hasn’t been a lot of activity save for the 3 times a week The Kid goes to TaeKwonDo. He seems to really enjoy it and it helps to expend some of his extra energy.

This past Saturday was the monthly belt test. All of the students who are eligible show up to take the test no matter what color they are going for, except those going for Black Belt. They start at no belt and the first one to test for is White.



Here is The Kid doing some Kick Moves as part of his test.


This is another student who was going for his white belt. At least this made for some fun watching adults play along.IMG_3821

This is LJ he is one of the instructors. I love sitting there when he is teaching and something strikes him as funny (usually one of his own jokes) as he has a very distinct laugh.


By far this is the best piece of mail we have received in many many weeks, well if you don’t count Christmas Cards. I am so excited for our friends wedding in May, it coincides with the Hubbies Birthday weekend as well as Meat-A-Palooza on Memorial Day so it will be a fantabulous weekend.

The Hubby is headed off for a work trip next week, we’ve lined up a trip to the Orchid show at the Botanical Garden the following week. Spring is around the corner so I am hoping to get more updates in between the bowling updates.


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