Hung With Care

IMG_3370I know I am not usually this risque when it comes to blog posts but I couldn’t let the opportunity to brag post about this fantastic night go by without pictures. Proceed with Caution.

IMG_3371This is Go Go Gadget. He is Fiiiiiiiiine. He does Boylesque (I’m not sure if that is an actual word or not but I’m using it). Not only was he the pre show entertainment but he was also the Emcee for the evening.


Isn’t he cute all dressed up too?

IMG_3397 BroadwayBrassyI love the Christmas Bows in her hair.

This is Broadway Brassy, and man she needs to get noticed and quick. Although she kept her clothes on, she has a set of pipes on her and really wowed the crowd with 2 songs.

PoppyTartThis is Poppy Tart in her Ballerina Outfit. Trust me when I say it didn’t stay on long.


This butt belongs to Go Go Harder, otherwise known as Chris Harder. This picture doesn’t do it justice.

IMG_3377During the intermission there was some more Go Go Dancing between the Burlesque acts. I figured if the drunk straight women can fawn all over him and take selfies then I could too. Don’t worry I slipped a few bucks into his thong.

IMG_3411Here we are at the end of the show with the host Go Go Gadget on the left. He has this problem with keeping any clothing on. In the middle is Poppy Tart who was a Mermaid for Gadgets last dance. And to the left is the Stage Elf for the evening, I can’t even remember his name but you bet your ass he got a few bucks tucked into his underwear.


This show was proudly presented by some local Poughkeepsie, NY businesses in conjunction with Big Gay Hudson Valley run by some friends of ours Steven (on the right) and Patrick (on the left) some pictures borrowed lovingly from their facebook page) and the Cuneen-Hackett Arts Center (run by the woman in the middle).








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