Holiday Train Show

Choo-Choo! Here comes the NY Botanical Garden annual Train Show! This is our second year attending with the Nephew but the first for The Kid. He really seemed to enjoy himself as did our Nephew.

IMG_3259Rockefeller Center

IMG_3266Former TWA Terminal

IMG_3260The Skyscrapers of NYC

IMG_3263The Globe from The New York Worlds Fair Grounds

IMG_3258One of the many trains


IMG_3253They have spans of Bridges with trains that run through one portion of the Conservatory.



In the warmer months this is a reflecting pool filled with water. I love how they fill the space with the trees decorated with giant balls and bulbs and stars.




We always have to take a ride around the Garden grounds on the Tram. Here are The Hubby and The Kid.


After lunch on Arthur Avenue we headed home, had some dinner, and then made gingerbread houses. I baked the gingerbread and made the icing, all of the candies were bought. The Nephews is on the top, The Kid’s is on the bottom. As of this writing The Kid’s house is still standing and in one piece.


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