Happy Hour

So I started this post about 10 days ago. Between being sick and just busy as all get out I am finally getting around to posting it. Sorry! I will do my best to be better about it 2015.


IMG_3154On that day of giving Thanks we lit a candle for the 2 wonderful women missing from the table. As exciting as Thanksgiving was for all of us with the new family member, it was also a time to reflect on the year that hurt us so much. I was unsure about whether to get the centerpiece or not, I eventually felt that it was my honor and duty to secure it and set it in it’s rightful place.


IMG_3152The feast as always was fit for this family, and having The Kid along for the ride made it that much better. His first official holiday and he fit right in with the rest of us. He watched the parade, and the dog show, he ate, he was the only one that napped though.

IMG_3170When all was said and done though it was just another Thanksgiving same as the others, too much food, too much family, and not enough wine.

IMG_3167The niece certainly enjoyed having some quality time with the Uncles and Aunts, but she wasn’t up for the selfies.

Friday found The Hubby up and at em at 6am and out the door, he couldn’t sleep so he figured why not hit some Black Friday sales before heading off to work for a few hours. And as was the case, he didn’t find very many of the deals worth the effort, to which I reminded him that’s why we don’t do Black Friday. The Kid and I met up with him for lunch and to swap cars so that I could do some additional shopping for The Kids Christmas gifts. Although some of the Early Bird deals aren’t around it really wasn’t that bad shopping in the afternoon, all the Shopping Lunatics were home napping I guess.

IMG_3221On the Saturday after Thanksgiving The Hubby and I had the pleasure of attending a fabulous concert at one of the Casinos on the other side of the state.

Straight No Chaser has to be one of my favorite singing groups. Not only are they all great singers, but you can tell they really like to have fun with it. Enjoying A Capella music is rather new to me and honestly it’s due to them that I fell in love with it. This is the 3rd time they have come to Mohegan Sun Arena, and since it is always late Nov/Early Dec that the tour stops here they always end up singing some Holiday Songs.

This year the tour name is The Happy Hour Tour and man are these 10 guys Happy!


As you can see we had VERY good seats this year!







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