Absentee Father

I know I know I have been neglecting this here blog thingy lately. It’s just been a busy couple weeks at home and at the office. The middle of the month found me covering for a coworker for 2 weeks and it was just unbelievably crazy. On the home front most of the time has been spent assimilating the Family into structure, rules, and schedules. By the time I get home from work, get dinner finished, and sit on the couch I just want to lose myself in the few shows we watch and need to catch up on.




I took this picture a couple weeks ago when we decided to take a family walk to the park. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday and the park is only a couple blocks away. The best part was all the energy the Little One expended running and playing.



The week before Halloween The Little Ones school had an Ice Cream Social sponsored by the PTO. They had pumpkin decorating, a costume parade, ice cream sundaes, and Bubble Mania. Essentially it was this guy who was a big kid who like to blow bubbles, but not just ordinary bubbles but Ginormous bubbles, some big enough to hold a small child in them. It was entertaining to say the least.




IMG_3036This past weekend was just as busy as the rest. Friday night we all went trick or treating in my Dads neighborhood, then hung out there for a bit before heading home. As you can see The Hubby and I dressed up along with The Little One. I was surprised at how many of the people giving out candy were happy to see us dressed up as well.

This weekend also brought some colder temperatures, rain, and what seemed like gale for winds. Normally this wouldn’t catch my attention but it also happened to be the First Annual Softball Tournament in honor of my Sister-In-Law who passed away in September. We spent some time down there just having family time, neither The Hubby nor I play softball but 2 of my brothers and my sister do. Sunday was definitely the better of the days with just the wind, as Saturday had the rain. The best part is we won a raffle prize so go us!

Not really much else to report, there has been a lot of just doing things we need to do for The Little One. The Hubby and I have each had a night out with friends alone, and managed to get a babysitter to have a night out together at our friends Halloween party Saturday night. We have our first Parent/Teacher conference coming up, and then the Holidays are just around the corner.

I promise to start blogging more, and it won’t all be about The Little One, but there will be some posts that will speak to him and the things we do as a family.


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