Maybe she’s born with it

Maybe it’s Mabelline.

We’ll technically it’s Mabel.

Or should I say technically it’s Mable but I don’t like that spelling.

She arrived last Friday as we agreed to “Foster” her. Since Sandy passed last month the house just hasn’t been the same, but with the cruise we had booked we knew it was going to be a bit of time before we got another dog.

Duncan wasn’t himself and I think was a bit lonely. We visited with a couple other fosters a couple weeks ago but none of them had that spark we were looking for.

Enter Mabel. She came in and acted like she owned the place. She and Duncan get along really well and he seems to be getting back to his old playful self. So we told the greyhound adoption group president on Monday that we were keeping her. I believe my exact words were, when asked for a foster write up for the website, “Here’s your write up on Mabel. She’s staying here. Thank you and goodnight.”


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