Sandy the Greyhound

Our Sandy passed away this AM in The Hubbys arms. We were all going through the morning routine before work, potty time for them, him getting dressed and them coming back in for treats before he left for work. I had left about 10 minutes before this. After giving them all treats he was walking down the hall when he heard a thunk. he found her on the floor seizing, He comforted her until the end and let her know it was her time to go and we would always love her. He called me in the car on my way work to return home and meet at the Vets to say goodbye. For a 14.5 yo she had spunk and was always looking to make sure she was part of everything in our life, butt rubs and ear-gasms were required daily affections.

IMG_2532.JPGThis was the very first picture of her we saw from her foster home.

Sandy came to us in Jan 2006 as a re-home after we lost Crystal to cancer a few weeks earlier. The Greyhound Group President matched us with Sandy and we met her at her then foster home. Our Jonny and her bonded immediately and we knew the match was made. Sandy was named Bambi by the previous family and we were not going to keep that name (sounded too much like an adult pole dancer name). She became Sandy, never blinked an eye and knew early on she was staying with us.

Over the years there have been some interesting Pretty Kitty (skunk) stories and the special bubble bath required after such play dates. Sandy loved everyone at Meet&Greets and enjoyed going, all the while encouraging our scaredy-cat Duncan to get with the program, these people are here to see us perform, its Show Time. Sandy also helped us with 6-8 fosters over the last few years. She was a great role model to our fosters, those families know how well we treat all greyhounds in our home.

She didn’t come with us to Grapehounds this year as we knew she was too frail to go. It wasn’t the same trip as in past years but we knew she was better off staying home and resting all weekend with my sister.

Run free Sandy go find Jonny and Grandma. You will always be our toothless wonder with dragon breath and the heroine of the Pretty Kitty stories.

Below are some pictures of her including her signature look of her tongue hanging out of her mouth.


Note: The hubby actually wrote this as an email to our Greyhound adoption group. I made some minor changes to protect the unknown.






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