Hunting scavengers

So this weekend The Hubby and I teamed up (partially out of convenience) and partook in an Adult Scavenger Hunt to celebrate my Sisters 30th Birthday (which is in August). The activity was a surprise to her and based on the end result everyone who participated had fun.

Below are the images we captured as part of the Hunt, the goal was to get as many points as possible from the 30 clues and tweet them using a hashtag. My Girlfriend was the creator and judge.


Here we are Team TheBFandHusband


1984 – A picture of the number 1984


Twins – take a picture of twins

(not technically a picture we took but a picture of the Hubby and His Twin Sisters)


Party of Five – a picture of someone with 5 Children. This is a picture of my Parents. Had to involve my Mom in some way since she isn’t with us.


School Days -Take a picture of 2 or more team members playing on a play ground. Plus 2 bonus points if one team member is hanging upside down from something. Bonus point if it is at a school/playground that was important in Michelle’s life The more original the place the more points.


Bear Hug – photograph a team member hugging a bear.


Stairway to Heaven – Take a picture with team members on a staircase, one team member should look like they are sledding down the stairs. And naturally The Girlfriend had to Selfie it.


Ryann’s Raucous – Our Niece loves to take pictures with her “Silly Face” take a picture making Ryann’s Silly Face.


Somewhere over the Rainbow – Take a picture of a Rainbow, bonus points  for an actual rainbow, double bonus points for a double rainbow.


Follow the Yellow Brick Road – Team members on a brick road, bonus points for a Dog.


If I only had a Brain – Team member with a Scarecrow.


Put me In Coach – Picture of  Team member sliding into Home. We took this creatively, everyone else went to the softball field. I slid into my actual Home.


She thinks my Tractors Sexy -Picture of a Team Member on a Ride on Mower (I guess this is some country song).


Emmaus – Team members at the Emmaus Retreat Center (you would really have to know my sister to get this one).


Mananita – Team member giving someone flowers.


Drum Corps – A picture of the Drum Corps Logo.


It’s a Parade – Picture of members of the team with instruments marching.


Dodgeball – You can dodge a ball but can you dodge a Wrench, picture of your team members interpretation of this line.


Road Trip – Picture of the Team in the Car.


Penguin Plunge – Picture with a penguin.


Work it – a picture of a team member working at a place my sister has worked.


Danbury Whalers – a picture at the Ice Arena with a Whalers Logo in it.


30 – Picture of the Number 30.

These were all of the ones we were able to get in the 2 1/2 hours we had to get them completed. Afterwards we met at a local bar and had some drinks and a bite. The Hubby and I came in 3rd out of 5 teams, not bad since everyone else was a team of 4 and we were only 2. Naturally my Sisters Team came in first.

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