On the Road

And away we go. Heading to Lake George, NY for a weekend away with the Drum Corps.

This weekend is The Hudson Valley Firemen’s Convention. The parade isn’t in Lake George proper as it has been previous years but it’s close enough to stay there.

The big parade is tomorrow, which as of right now we aren’t marching in due to our fire company canceling on us. We are however marching in the Fun Parade tonight. I’ve packed my tiny hat and my tutu to wear. Pics will follow later.



Meat-a-Palooza and More

Parade season is in full swing here, we have marched our first 5 (technically 4 but I’ll explain that later) parades and had our fist cancellation. We started out with 3 Parades or Memorial Day, the fist was the Sunday before and then we had 2 on Memorial Day Proper.

It has become tradition in our house now to celebrate Memorial Day with meat, hence the name Meat-a-Palooza. It’s funny how all of our friends have started referring to is at that and jockeying for invites. I counted 40 people who came to enjoy the beautiful day and the fabulous food the Hubby and I made as well as all of the dishes the others brought.


We started with an 18 pound Brisket and a 22 pound Pork Shoulder


They took a nice long nap in the smoker while we slept and I marched the 2 parades.


We added 24 Chicken thighs and 3 Salmon Fillets (which aren’t pictured cause there was none left)

And above is all of the leftovers we had.

IMG_2006This picture was  recreation of a picture from a few years ago, except my Brothers and Sister and  I are all wearing the same uniform this time.

This year marks the beginning of my 2oth year, and my 2oth Memorial Day Parade with the Drum Corps. It was slightly bittersweet without Mom on the sidelines cheering us on. I know though she had the best seat in the house for the parade.

We had a nice little break between parades this year, the last one being this past Wednesday. We marched this parade twice which is why I said 5 parades so far. The only reason we are able to march this parade twice is that we lead it the first time around for the host Fire Company and the beginning isn’t very far from the end.


The next turnout we have is an annual Flag Day Ceremony that the local Elks Lodge holds every year. I can say I know a lot more about the evolution of the Flag of our Country than some people care to.

We did have a visitor for a few weeks, Classy was a Foster Greyhound who we ended up looking after for a bit. She was fresh from a racetrack and didn’t know the first thing about steps, linoleum floors, or dog toys. She adapted well with the toys, the steps and linoleum not so much.

Here is a picture of her as we were bringing her to meet the Adoption rep who was placing her with her new family.


Other than Parades and work there hasn’t been much else going on. I’ve been trying to walk at lunch time while at work, we have a nice pond area on the grounds that they put a path around.

20140607-204220-74540329.jpgThis is a typical walk we do which takes about a half hour. I usually walk with a couple coworker, but occasionally will do a few laps myself.

20140607-204220-74540254.jpgThursday I walked by myself and had to avoid the Canadian Geese families that also enjoy the pond.

This week at work we started what’s known as summer hours, we can leave at 3pm on Fridays, which means half hour lunches the other days of the week, and on Friday I take my lunch at 2pm and just leave the office then. One of the other sales teams mentioned that their manager would allow them to work from home on their Summer Friday so I may look into doing that as well. Saves me the 45 minute trip home and allows more enjoyment of the break from the office.


After the Hubby and I ran our errands today I took a chair out to theyard and decided to take in some of the beautiful sunshine.



Duncan decided he wanted to join me out there,  so we both sat and contemplated the day. Ok he laid there and I didn’t really contemplate anything but a drink and dinner.

Speaking of Dinner, I found this recipe a few weeks ago and decided tonight was a good night to try it again. This time instead of baking it in the oven we cooked it on the grill. I’ve got the flavor down pat, I just need to work on getting the crust a little thinner. What you can’t tell from the picture is that the crust is made from Quinoa. We topped it with some crushed tomato, seasoned it, added sausage and some left over Corned beef, miscellaneous cheeses we found in our deli ends section and Voilà, Pizza!


Tomorrow we start up our monthly brunch gatherings again. It’s been far too long since we have gotten together with the Brunch Gang. The Hubby and I are bringing Bacon Bourbon BBQ Chicken Kebabs, and Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches.