TMI Thursday – Snack Time

1. Do you prefer salty or sweet? Sweet usually, but occasionally salty takes control. Every now and again it’s vinegary that wins out.
2. What was your favorite snack as a kid? Charles Chips, they were delivered to the house in a metal tin.
3. What is your favorite snack now? A good cheese and salami plate works wonders.
4. Healthy snacks are….? Good on occasion.
5. Milk and what kind of cookies? Do you dunk?  Macaroons or Ginger cookies, not usually a dunker.
6. How do you eat Oreos? I don’t.
7. What is your favorite movie snack? Popcorn and some of the hubbies Sour Patch Kids
8. Cake or pie? Cake always. There is just something about frosting that wins out over pie.
9. Ready Whip or Cool Whip” If those are the only choices it is cool whip but I prefer real whipped cream.
10. Potato Chips or Pretzels or Cheetos? Cheetos, even if they do make my fingers orange.
11. Favorite kind of ice-cream – flavor and brand? Chocolate or some variation of chocolate. No particular brand usually whatever is on sale.
12. Most unusual food you eat as a snack? Nothing that I think is unusual. I am known to dig into the Pickles and Olives or anything brined for a little snack now and then.

3 thoughts on “TMI Thursday – Snack Time

  1. Charles Chips really takes me back. We would have those at my grandparents house and I always thought getting the chips out of the container was so cool!

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