TMI Thursday – Snack Time

1. Do you prefer salty or sweet? Sweet usually, but occasionally salty takes control. Every now and again it’s vinegary that wins out.
2. What was your favorite snack as a kid? Charles Chips, they were delivered to the house in a metal tin.
3. What is your favorite snack now? A good cheese and salami plate works wonders.
4. Healthy snacks are….? Good on occasion.
5. Milk and what kind of cookies? Do you dunk?  Macaroons or Ginger cookies, not usually a dunker.
6. How do you eat Oreos? I don’t.
7. What is your favorite movie snack? Popcorn and some of the hubbies Sour Patch Kids
8. Cake or pie? Cake always. There is just something about frosting that wins out over pie.
9. Ready Whip or Cool Whip” If those are the only choices it is cool whip but I prefer real whipped cream.
10. Potato Chips or Pretzels or Cheetos? Cheetos, even if they do make my fingers orange.
11. Favorite kind of ice-cream – flavor and brand? Chocolate or some variation of chocolate. No particular brand usually whatever is on sale.
12. Most unusual food you eat as a snack? Nothing that I think is unusual. I am known to dig into the Pickles and Olives or anything brined for a little snack now and then.

Fear not

I am still here. I haven’t disappeared into the unknown.

The last month or so has been filled with lots of stuff, some happy good times, some not so happy good times.

The urge to blog hits me, and just as quickly it goes away. So I guess a quick recap of the goings on around these parts is long overdue.

After the Orchid show the hubby had a week long trip to Nashville for work. It was a little break from the routine of life for both of us after a week of family togetherness.

I caught up with a couple friends for dinners, went over to my brothers, and just overall kept busy.

The week after his trip we had plans with some friends for a day in NYC to see a couple shows and have some meals. The first stop was lunch at House of Brews with 2 of our friends. The burger I had was good and the ambiance was nice. After lunch we headed over to the Theater to meet up with 2 more friends to see A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. This show was Amazing! If you get the change to see it, DO IT! I will say that this show is on the list of those I would see a 2nd time, if it doesn’t win a Tony or 10 there is something seriously wrong. Jefferson Mays who is one of the leads plays 8 characters throughout the entire show and has some of the fastest costume changes I have ever seen.

After the show we had plans to see a friends Improv group called ComedySportz, they were having a special March Madness night and it was People vs. Puppets. We always enjoy seeing the group perform especially when Glennn is there. After that it was time for dinner so we walked over to Matt’s Grill. We arrived and told them we had a reservation and they had this deer in the headlights look, guess someone forgot to tell someone else about the OpenTable reservation I made. They said it would be a few minutes so they bought us a round of drinks. Well done on their part.

Next up was another trip into the city back on April 5th to meet some more friends, this time it was just a late  afternoon pop in for Dinner at The Glass House Tavern (which at one point I referred to as The Crystal Gayle Palace) and a visit to The Top of The Roc (Rockefeller Center). The views up there were amazing and I would have enjoyed them more had it not been so damn cold and windy up there. After that we stopped for cupcakes at the Magnolia Bakery and then walked over to the Hell’s Kitchen area for Drinks at Boxers NYC. We were originally going to go to the Gay Bar Posh but we walked in and it was loud and crowded so we moved over a block to Boxers which calls itself a Gay Sports Bar. The crowd was cute, as were the shritless bartenders in their Boxing Shorts (not to be confused with Boxers), and the hubby and I decided it would be someplace we went back to when in the city.

Last weekend was the annual Drum Corps awards dinner. Although I knew there would be no awards for me this year, I was there along with Dad, and my 2 Sisters-In-Law to support my older Brother who was receiving his 25 year Trophy and my Youngest Brother who was Receiving his 15  Year Trophy. Next year will be my year as I will be receiving my 20 Year trophy (I am in my 20th year this year but get awarded the following year). I would have gotten it this year but I took a year off due to some drama caused by another member.

That brings us to the shenanigans of my younger brothers (the one right after me) Birthday. He seems to be either growing up or Mom’s passing made him not want to be so elaborate years Pub Crawl of 30 beers at 30 Bars for his 30th. As a side note he only made it to 21 bars before calling it quits. We had a nice dinner with a couple of  my uncles and their girlfriends, dad, my youngest brothers wife and a family friend. Although not a restaurant I would pick to go to the food wasn’t as bad as I recalled. I mean how can you really go wrong with Steak and a Salad Bar.

This weekend is more family fun, No Bowling because it is Easter. This will be the first holiday without Mom, so it remains to be seen how it will be. We are gathering at my youngest brother and his wife’s house, though The Hubby and I are bringing a good portion of the menu with us. All told I understand there will be about 20-25 of us, a much larger crowd than normal. We are in charge of the Mac and Cheese, Bread, Cheesecake, Nutella Cake (saw this recipe and HAVE to make it), and the Smoked Turkey. We gave the Ham to my brother to cook with whatever else they are making. Guess I will be a busy boy Saturday baking up a storm.

Well that pretty much wraps up the past month, I still get sad in between all the good times, and I know that good days and bad days are still ahead of me. I promise to get back on the horse and post some more. We do have a lot of good stuff coming up in the next few months, and Parade Season is right around the corner.

Til next time………..

Bowling Week #14 2014

Taking a break for Easter this week but here are last week’s stats.

Game #1 – 180

Game #2 – 125

Game #3 – 179

My average is  160 down from last week’s starting average of 161

This week we played Team Alley of the Dolls one of the Fabulous Lesbian Teams on the league.

We took  3 points for the week, pushing into 3rd place from 7th!

Next week we play Team Scared Straights, this week marks the last week of regular bowling.

Bowling Week #13 2014

Nearing the end, I’m always sad to see bowling season come to a close.

Game #1 – 160

Game #2 – 169

Game #3 – 169

My average is  161 up from 160

This week we played Team Bowling Bad 2 of which are the founders of bowling league.

We took  2 points for the week, keeping us in  7th place but there is a small margin between that and 3nd.

Next week we play Team Alley of the Dolls

Bowling Week #12 2014

Seems the Sundays just keep flying by.

Game #1 – 144

Game #2 – 1156

Game #3 – 205

My average is  160 up from 159

This week we played Team Lickety Splits, or the team we lovingly refer to as our bowling wives.

We took  1 point for the week, putting us in  7th place down from 6th.

Next week we play Team Bowling Bad.