Bowling Week #11 2014

Over halfway through with the season, now we start playing all of the teams over again since there are 14 regular weeks, and only 9 teams we can play, some we will play twice or 3 times if the position rounds work that way.

Game #1 – 167

Game #2 – 168

Game #3 – 156

My average is  159 still

This week we played Team Up your Alley, we played them on Week #1 as well.

We took  2 points for the week, putting us in  6th place by only 9 pins from 5th place team, who has the same number of points.

Next week we play Team Lickety Splits our fabulous Bowling Wives.

Orchids, Orchids, everywhere

So this past weekend the hubby and I took our Nephew to the NY Botanical Garden in the Bronx for the 2014 Key West Contemporary Orchid show.

This was 0ur second visit to the Botanical Gardens as we also attended the Train Show they had around Christmas. The grounds looked pretty much the same with the exception of less snow on the ground now. The orchids were amazing as was the crowd. Below are some pictures from the show that I snapped with my phone, The Hubby has all the good ones on the camera in Nashville.

After perusing the Orchids, the Gift Shop, and taking a Tram ride around the grounds, The Nephew and I headed home and The Hubby headed for the airport to start his 5 day work trip to Nashville.








Bowling Week #10 2014

We’re a moving on Up!

Game #1 – 184

Game #2 – 191

Game #3 – 211 (I know amazing)

My average is  159, up from my 155 from last week.

This week we played our good friends Strike Force.

We took all 4 points for the week, moving us up to 5th place from 8th place.

Next week we play Team Up Your Alley.

Bowling Week #9 2014

We’re a moving on Up!

Game #1 – 167

Game #2 – 166

Game #3 – 143

My average is  155, seems i fluctuate around the 155, 156 mark.

This week we played our good friends Fruits and Nuts.

We took 3 points for the week, moving us up to 8th place, finally at a point where if we can win some points we can move up more.

Next week we pay Team Strike Force.

So Long, Farewell….


Yesterday we said goodbye to my Mom. The Sun was shining and the temperatures seemed to reach the 50’s a far cry from what we have had for weather the last few weeks. It has been a very long and very hard few days around here but the family seems to be doing fairly well.

Monday Night was the Calling hours at the funeral home and to say we were overwhelmed would be an understatement. The number of flower arrangements (close to 30) and the sheer number of People whose lives my Mom touched either directly or through my Family was amazing. I estimated roughly 500 people showed up to pay their respects. The fact that all of these people waited in a line that stretched out the door for nearly 2 straight hours was unbelievable. We are so grateful to know how much we are loved.

Things will slowly return to their regular pace as I get back to a more normal life.

Bowling Week #8 2014

Position Round! No it’s not as exciting as it seems when you are battling for 9th place.

Game #1 – 167

Game #2 – 166

Game #3 – 143

My average is  156 up slightly from 155.

This week we played Pinned Down, since this is position round the chance of playing a team you have already played is increased and that is what happened here.

We took 3 points for the week, keeping us in 9th.

Next week we pay Team Fruits and Nuts.

We’ll be back

I’m going to be on a little bit of hiatus here. I will continue the bowling posts because they are easy content.

My family is going through some rough times and instead of bringing you all down with me, and since there isn’t much in the way of fun things going on I figure I would step away.

Don’t worry I will return you all to your regularly scheduled programming here shortly.

Hugs are welcome if you have them to spare.


Bowling Week #7 2014

Well they still haven’t posted this past Sundays scores. So I am guessing at some of this.

Game #1 – 156

Game #2 – 184

Game #3 – 135

My average is  155 still.

This week we played Alleys in Wonderland, we had a starting difference of 156 pins before a single ball was thrown.

We took 1 points for the week, narrowly beating them by 21 pins in the first game,  keeping us in 9th.

Next is position round and we play the 10th place team Pinned Down I think.