Please to hold

As you saw on Sunday instead of our usual Bowling night we attended a Superb Owl party. I didn’t win any money in any  of the pools (all 2 of them), but a good time was had none the less.

Monday we got hit with a snow storm, this one only dropped a few inches. It was light and fluffy and pretty manageable when it came time to shovel. It did manage to wreak havoc at work, causing one District Manager to not make it in and delayed the VP of sales. A few of the Teams at the office were having some Kick off Meetings and 2013 Recognition party, which also got canceled. My Team is meeting next week in Chicago, a trip I am very much looking forward to.

The office seemed back to normal yesterday, most everyone was in, unlike monday with the few who “worked Remote” because of the snow. I got the official word we can start moving forward with the transitioning of accounts between the support people at my level. It’s going to take a few weeks but I hope to be fully ingrained in my new Accounts by end of February.

Today as was expected on per the weather men, we were the recipients of ANOTHER fabulous snow storm. This one was accompanied by some sleet and freezing rain. I opted to work from home today, we had about 8-10 inches on the ground when we woke up. It was the wet heavy snow so it made shoveling a little more difficult. The office ended up closing and sending home anyone who made the trek in.

Not much else to report, no Drum Corps tonight, we skipped the monthly social last night, we’ve been pretty much homebound. That will change come Saturday, not only is it Gayme Night, but it is also our double date with JP and Earl at the Culinary Institute. I have been looking forward to this day since we made the plans over a month ago.

So please to hold for Mr click, I will be back with a bowling update next week, and hopefully I will have some good pictures and stories to report after Saturday night.




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