Bowling Week #6 2014

It’s that time of the week again

Game #1 – 146

Game #2 – 162

Game #3 – 167

My average is  155,  up from last week’s 154.

This week we played Pinned Down, with the Sub we had, it brought the difference in handicap down to 4, the lowest it has been all season.

We took 3 points for the week putting us in 9th place up from 10th place .

Next week we play Team Alleys in Wonderland.

New York, London, Paris, Munich

Everybody talk about Pop Music!

Sorry the title really has nothing to do with this post, well except for the New York part which is where we will start this week long cavalcade of fun.

Let’s start with last Saturday when we had the pleasure of dining at the Culinary Institute of America with our Fabulous friends JP and Earl. We combined their visit with Gayme Night so they got to attend that and see how much fun it is. Below are some pictures of the meal I had, as always it was amazing and delicious.

IMG_1283House-made Garlic Sausage and Sauerkraut

IMG_1284This was the Hubbies Hudson Valley Cage-free Foie Gras

IMG_1285Wild Boar Stew

IMG_1286The Hubby ordered the Hudson Valley Moulard Duck Breast
Sweet Potato Purée, Braised Red Cabbage, Chestnuts, Applejack Brandy Sauce

IMG_1288Rocky Road
Chocolate Malt Ice Cream, Toasted “Marshmallow,” Almond Custard, Chocolate “Pebbles”

IMG_1293The next day we all met for Brunch at a local Tapas place, I will say the food was very good. We took this picture outside before JP and Earl set out on their way home. We had a great time with them and hope to see them again very soon.

Monday was a normal work day and finalization of the plans with my coworker for our travels to our Chicago office Tuesday morning. We had a quick overnight trip for some Sales meetings and the 2013 Recognition Dinner for 3 of the Sales Teams. My coworker and I met at 5:30 am to head down to the airport for our 8:50 flight. The ride was pretty quick and uneventful which I was happy about. The flight left on time and actually landed about 10 minutes early which afforded us the opportunity to swing by the hotel and drop our bags before heading over to the office.


We stayed at the super fancy Palmer House Hilton, the ceiling of the Lobby area where the bar and restaurants are is spectacular as seen by the image above.

The meetings ran from 12 to about 3pm and then a quick check of the email and check in with my colleague backing me up, and then we left the office to change, and grab a drink in the hotel bar with the Boss before heading to the Recognition Dinner.


This was the scene from the Mars Gallery from one end of the room. They had a Disco Ball going to naturally I had to snap a pic of it. Each of the Relationship Management teams spent about 1o minutes recognizing those members who met or exceeded their budget numbers for 2013. During the night we had drinks and Nibbles, and then the best of the night came when each of the teams showcased their Team T-Shirts. I may be a little biased but I think OURS are the best, and I am not saying that because I had a hand in designing it.

IMG_1331Here I am modeling it in the hotel room Thursday Morning.


My SWife (that’s straight wife) HAD to have a picture with me (her Ghusband) and my boss so naturally it was a Selfie!

The next day was more meetings in the morning and then a team lunch. As this was my first time visiting Chicago, it was only fair I guess that I experience Deep Dish pizza. I will say it wasn’t as bad as I thought, spare me the lecture, but I am a NY style city guy. I prefer the cheese and toppings outshine the crust, thin is in as they say. As I said earlier this was supposed to be an overnight trip, fly in Tuesday fly home Wednesday, but the weather had other plans for me.

The admin assistant in our office was on top of things with rebooking flights and hotels for the 6 of us from my office who were affected by the change of plans. So we rolled with it and spent another fun night out and about. After an hour or so more in the office we packed our things and headed back to the hotel, them to go shopping, and me to lay down and relax. I did end up going across the street to pick up a couple pairs of clean underwear.

Social media to came to my rescue, and by rescue I mean getting me away from the antics of the women from my office, and I ended up meeting a twitter friend for Dinner at RJ Grunts. From what I understand this is something of an institution up in the Lincoln Park area. The food was good, bacon cheeseburger, and the company was downright friendly. Tom (without his partner Terry who was working) was a complete gentleman and a gracious host. We had a great visit and he was even kind enough to drive me back down to my hotel. If ever in Chicago again I will be sure to repay the kindness to him.

We were scheduled on a 1:40 flight home, so after another couple hours in the office Thursday morning, we packed up and taxied to the airport to wait and see if we were to fly home. No delays boarding, and only a slight delay in the air circling LaGuardia due to snow removal on the runway and we landed. My coworker who drove with me and I trekked to the parking lot and after some wandering on my part found the car. The weather in NY wasn’t too bad a light rain, but as we got out of the city and closer to home the rain changed and we found ourselves following behind the snow plows. We finally made it home after a whirlwind 3 days.

Needless to say, most of us worked from home Friday. We had plans for Valentines dinner at our friends house with 2 other couples, one of which cancelled. I volunteered to bring Dessert, and it wasn’t going to make itself If I were at the office. We had a fabulous night avoiding the expensive restaurants and crazy crowds with some good friends.


20140215-140957.jpgThis was the final product, the recipe and be found here.

Red Velvet Brownies layered with Chocolate Pudding, and Chocolate Mousse.

I added an extra depth of flavor with a layer of Dulce De Leche.

All in all it was a good week, and If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Here’s to the 3 day weekend for me with a day of recovery from office shenanigans on Monday.


Bowling Week #5 2014

Well we took a week off for the Superbowl but we are back now!

Game #1 – 164

Game #2 – 159

Game #3 – 144

My average is  154,  the same as last week.

This week we played Scared Straights, they had a really good night with a couple of them bowling way over their averages.

We took 0 points for the week putting us in 10th place .

Next week we play Team Pinned Down.

Please to hold

As you saw on Sunday instead of our usual Bowling night we attended a Superb Owl party. I didn’t win any money in any  of the pools (all 2 of them), but a good time was had none the less.

Monday we got hit with a snow storm, this one only dropped a few inches. It was light and fluffy and pretty manageable when it came time to shovel. It did manage to wreak havoc at work, causing one District Manager to not make it in and delayed the VP of sales. A few of the Teams at the office were having some Kick off Meetings and 2013 Recognition party, which also got canceled. My Team is meeting next week in Chicago, a trip I am very much looking forward to.

The office seemed back to normal yesterday, most everyone was in, unlike monday with the few who “worked Remote” because of the snow. I got the official word we can start moving forward with the transitioning of accounts between the support people at my level. It’s going to take a few weeks but I hope to be fully ingrained in my new Accounts by end of February.

Today as was expected on per the weather men, we were the recipients of ANOTHER fabulous snow storm. This one was accompanied by some sleet and freezing rain. I opted to work from home today, we had about 8-10 inches on the ground when we woke up. It was the wet heavy snow so it made shoveling a little more difficult. The office ended up closing and sending home anyone who made the trek in.

Not much else to report, no Drum Corps tonight, we skipped the monthly social last night, we’ve been pretty much homebound. That will change come Saturday, not only is it Gayme Night, but it is also our double date with JP and Earl at the Culinary Institute. I have been looking forward to this day since we made the plans over a month ago.

So please to hold for Mr click, I will be back with a bowling update next week, and hopefully I will have some good pictures and stories to report after Saturday night.



Just another day

As days go there have been too many between my last non bowling post. I’m sorry, there really is no good reason for it.

Last Sunday The Hubby and I had the pleasure of meeting our good friends Walt and Ken for Brunch at our new favorite restaurant that still offers a Brunch Buffet. I don’t know why so many places have gotten away from the Buffet. We always enjoy meeting up with them, and wish we could do it more often, but with the 2 1/2 hour drive between us and them. The time flies when the 4 of us are together, just as it should when you are with people you care about.

My meeting in NYC went great. The weather wasn’t very cooperative in making it a “clean” visit. A snow storm hit the day before my trip so it made for a slushy walk around the city. We had a good meeting with the main contact and then a nice lunch across the street. It was then back to their office in a conference room for a larger presentation to the marketing team. It was nice to put faces with names of people I have emailed with and worked with for a couple of years.

20140201-205556.jpgThe above picture was taken on Monday at my office. We arrived to work to find that there was no heat in our office due a boiler issue. Normally I am not one to complain about the cold but no heat makes a difference. I didn’t keep the hat on very long but the sweater stayed on for most of the day. They fixed the boiler by mid day but the office just didn’t warm enough up by the end of the day.

20140201-205610.jpgSo I don’t normally go all out like I did last weekend but I bought 2, yes I said 2 new pair of shoes. Granted they are the same show in 2 different colors but it is 2 pair of shoes none the less. The above ones in Blue I wore for the first time this week. Since they are Suede I am avoiding wearing them when it is snowy, or rainy out. They were well received by “the Lunch Girls” and of course my twitter friends were the ones who convinced me to keep both pairs.

My travel arrangements for work have finally been finalized. The good news is I get to go to our Chicago office. The bad news is I fly into Chicago Tuesday Morning and back home Wednesday Afternoon. I know not much time at all, so it will be all work for me. We do have a Cocktail Reception to celebrate the wins from 2013 on the Tuesday night at a fancy Art Gallery.

So a couple weeks ago we had a team “meeting”, since we are all remote from each other it was a phone call with an online presentation, I had the idea that we needed Team TShirts. I started thinking, and put my limited design skills to work, and came up with a few options. I enlisted 2 of the girls on my team to offer their opinions. What we finally ended up with I presented to our Boss who in turn told me that they were already working on that, and hooked me up with the woman on our Marketing Team who was in charge.

I presented her my final design as a starting point, and with her skills which are greater than mine, she came up with the below mock up. It is very close to what we came up with, and I feel honored that she liked it enough to tweak it. The back of the shirt will have the definition of Swagger on it “how one presents him or her self to others”


Saturday was spent running errands and visiting Mom, who incidentally wound up in the hospital with dehydration and low kidney function. She is on the mend and hopefully won’t be there too much longer. So I’m sitting at home surfing the Face Space and watching TV when a friend of ours posts a link to this fancy new group coming to one of our local Theater spaces.

Well Strung is a group of 4 (HOT) men who sing and play Violin, Viola, and Cello. Now I am always up for new ventures, and I mean hello just look at them. I played a couple clips of theirs and they seem right up my alley. So not only are the Hubby and I sitting in the front Row but so are 4 of our friends! It’s sad I have to wait until May to Gawk at see them.


Tomorrow we have plans to attend a friends Superb Owl party. Yes I know it’s a play on the Superbowl, since none of us really care for football and they canceled bowling for the night we had nothing else to do. The Hubby will be making Chili and I will be making a dessert. I will reveal all tomorrow after the party as I don’t want to ruin the surprise of what I am making, and I know 2 of the guests know of my blog and may or may not read it. Go Team!