As time goes by

So Slowly, said no one ever, unless they were at the office the day before a vacation starts. But that’s not where I am going with this.

It’s been a pretty uneventful life here since our fabulous dinner at the Culinary Institute. Mostly just work and home, and home and work, and work, and commute.

This past Sunday was another Jon Hamm Brunch get together with the gang, the theme they hosts picked was White Trash. The table was beautiful, although I commented that we should have used paper plates and napkins. As usual everyone outdid themselves with the dishes they prepared. The Previous hosts made a delicious Tater Tot casserole, breakfast sausage, eggs, cheese, and tater tots, how could you go wrong. The token Straight couple made these frozen desserts of strawberry, whipped cream, cream cheese, and nilla wafers. The Hubby and I brought Corn Chips and homemade chili along with cheese and sour cream which we managed to leave in the fridge, Oh well. The hosts had a lovely array of dishes, Chicken Pot Pie, Enchilada Casserole, and this Mashed potato whipped cream dish that he found a recipe for. It was a great time as always and up next is our turn, I am still working on the theme.

The time that has gone by as referenced in the title is the Year it has been since my Mom’s illness. You can read the whole story that I finally posted last April here. It’s been a struggle dealing with this but we have all become stronger for it. Mom is still in the Nursing Facility, hopefully coming home soon. She has her good days and bad days, hell I have my good days and bad days. I visit her as often as I can. The holidays were tough but we made the best of it and were able to bring her home for the day for both Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve and Day. She is confined to a wheel chair as she is unable to use her left leg, or arm. It is life and we play the hand we are dealt. It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year, I am thankful to have the time still with her, and wish there were more I could do. Give your loved ones a hug, and always remember to tell them you love them.

In work news, it’s been roughly 4 months since they made the change to our position and moved under the sales umbrella. This past week we finally got some news around the organization of the Sales Dept and how things will be moving forward. Wednesday I am joining a Relationship Manager (I guess that is what the sales reps are being called now) from our Chicago Office, in NYC for a client call. I am very excited by this, I went into this restructuring with an attitude of every man (or woman) for themselves. Of course I will look out for those I care about but will distance myself from those with “bad” attitudes. I am the most excited about going to our Chicago office in February for Team meetings, I have worked in some fashion with all but one person who is on my team, and look forward to spending time in the Windy City with them.



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