Christmas 2013


A Belated Merry Christmas to all of my followers and readers alike. The pic above was taken the night we decorated the tree. I know I should have posted this on Christmas Day but it was a hectic weekend of errands and partying, then it was work for a day and a half then Family, Family, Family.


We spent Christmas Eve night at my eldest Brothers house, it was a simple night just dinner, drinks and family. This was immediately followed by Christmas day which was an all day affair of Food, Drinks, Family, and Presents. Everyone had a great day, including my Mom whom we “broke out” of the Rehab facility for the Day. Although she wasn’t running the show like she used to, she still managed to have a good day surrounded by family.

The Showcase of Christmas Dinner has been the Prime Rib. The Hubby has taken to dry aging it for 30 days, then we drop it in the Char Broil Oil-less Deep Fryer we bought a few years back and let it sit outside for a few hours.

20131228-205815.jpgThe Hubby has really perfected this over the last few years.


Since there are so many of us for dinner my Dad decided it would be Buffet. Here is the table before the heathens were able to start touching it.

 After dinner and presents we packed the car and headed home to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special, another tradition in our house. Then it was bed and sleepy time as the hubby had to work on Thursday and Friday, I took these days between Christmas and New Years off and did some cleaning to get ready for our Annual New Years Eve Party. Hey vacuuming, mopping, and laundry beats sitting at the office bored.

Saturday we spent the day running our errands, party prep is hard work and the food just won’t appear on it’s own no matter how hard I wish for it.

So to wrap up Christmas I present some of the decorations the hubby and I put out.


This was my Grandmothers ceramic light up Christmas Tree that my mother made for her many years ago. When my Grandmother passed it was the ONLY thing I wanted to have of hers, well that and the birdbath.

IMG_0949This is the ornament I made when we did our Glass Blowing class at the Corning Museum of Glass last month.

20131228-205809.jpgSandy and Duncan even get into the Holiday Spirit with their Christmas Collars. Here they are with the gift our Friend Toppie Sent them along with some wonderful things for The Hubby and I.

And my favorite part of Christmas is when we take out all of the December Diamonds Mermen and hang them on the tree. There were 2 new ones added to the collection this year bringing the total to 8. Eventually I may need to get a 2nd tree just to display them!


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