Wound Down, Ramping Up

Well now that the hubbub of Thanksgiving is over, I finally have to time to play catch up.

Thanksgiving day was mostly the same as all other years, with the exception of Mom not calling all the shots. This year with Moms illness Dad played planner. That’s not to say The Hubby and I didn’t do what we always do for Turkey Day. As per the usual The Hubby was in charge of the Deep Fried Pickles, Deep Fried Turkey, the Mac & Cheese, and the drinking of the red wine. I handled the Pearl Onions, Soupy Lemon Pie, the Gravy, and drinking the white wine.

We headed over to my parents to get the fryer set up and to see how things were going with the everything else, just in time to put the National Dog Show on, which is another tradition of the day. The Hubby and I always show up around 11, get things set up for the pickles and the Turkey and then hunker down with the Dog Show while everyone else goes on and on about the football. Once everything was ready the 14 of us gathered round the 2 tables and devoured what took hours to make in a matter of minutes.

I am one of the lucky few that have the Friday after Thanksgiving off as a company holiday. It’s been that way for me since my last job about 13 years now. This brings us to another tradition on black friday of not stepping foot into a store. The only reason I leave the house is to bring The Hubby out to lunch. I decided on a local Middle Eastern place called Kibberia. I had the Chicken Shawarma Salad – A crispy baked pita bowl filled with chicken shawarma seasoned chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and parsley, drizzled with tahini sauce, and the Kibbe Soup – Our kibbe pops boiled in a delicious tomato-based broth, flavored with garlic and mint. They were both delicious. The Hubby had the Beef Shawarma Pocket – Pita bread filled with a grilled beef shawarma patty specially seasoned and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, parsley and tahini sauce. It was international day because we went out for Asian, I had chinese, he had Sushi, for dinner.

The weekend after Thanksgiving wasn’t anything special, to be honest we never left the house that Sunday. The last week has been Krazy with a Captial K. The bright side to the week was that it was my last 5 day work week the year. I have a 4 day, 3, day, then 2 day, then  I am off from the day after Christmas until Jan 2. I managed to survive the week covering the coworker, even with all of the nights of things we had on the schedule. Tuesday was the social night, Wednesday was Drum Corps, Thursday was CPR class. Last night we ended the week on a high note with an impromptu dinner date with a Coworker/Friend. Today we stopped by to see Mom then off we went to get the weekend shopping done. The best night of the weekend will be Sunday when we see friends for dinner, then attend the Straight No Chaser concert at one of the casinos in the state. I LOVE SNC and this year was able to get better tickets than we had last year. I hope to get some good pictures and video tomorrow night of dinner, the casino and the concert.


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