TMI Thursday – Thanksgiving Edition

1. Do you travel or stay local? Family or Friends? Host or Guest? We stay local, only 1 year out of the last 16 have we traveled for Thanksgiving. We always go to My Parents house with my siblings, and although we are guests because we go there, we are also considered hosts since we bring half of the meal with us.
2. Parade: Love it? Leave it? Never let it go? I enjoy the Broadway performances before the parade, but would enjoy the rest of the parade more if they cut out the commercials.
3. Favorite Food? Stuffing and Deep Fried Turkey
4. Favorite holiday movie or do you watch football? The Dog Show of course.
5. If you do holiday decorations, for which holiday and when? We don’t do very much decorating for Thanksgiving but in no way does a drop of Christmas decorations get put out until well after the Turkey is gone. Let’s do one holiday at a time.
6. Black Friday. Thoughts? Feelings? Soapbox? NO. MA’AM! I don’t work that day, the only place I leave the house for is Lunch with the hubby cause he has to work.

People traditionally give thanks on Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for? I am thanful this year that my Mom is still here to celebrate with us. Although she can’t do what she used to be able to do, just her being here is enough for me.


2 thoughts on “TMI Thursday – Thanksgiving Edition

  1. kathyBacon says:

    Giving up travels since the boys are both at college. I want to monopolize their time as much as possible. No Christmas decor here either until after Thanksgiving. Never shop for Christmas early or fall for gimmicks (: and then Follow that up with Cowboys fan that I am! Football!

    Happy your mom is with you!

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