Deck The Halls – Coming Home

Coming home from a wonderful long weekend full of seeing Friends, eating good food, drinking Fabulous wine and full of enjoyment is never fun. We left the motel and headed back to the Corning Museum of Glass to pick up our Blown Glass items and a few other things that were on sale in the marketplace.

20131125-212234.jpgHere is the Hubby’s Pumpkin all cured, the colors are really very vibrant.


This is the Ornament I made, I think I did really well pairing the Pink and Purple together.

20131125-212205.jpgAs become our custom, we always take the route to and from The Finger Lakes via Owego, NY so that we can stop at our favorite Mexican Restaurant for lunch both travel days. This trip was no exception. My only complaint* is the Menu on the wall just offers so much, it makes it difficult to decide.

*and by complaint I mean, I wish I could have one of everything.

20131125-212211.jpgWe started with the Beef and Bean Dip with Chips and Cheese.



The Hubby and I both chose Tacos for lunch. Served on freshly made Tortillas with some of the best ingredients available.

20131125-212229.jpgAfter lunch, the only other stop we planned to make was to a Distillery we saw signs for on the way up to the Finger Lakes. Since we didn’t have anywhere to be but home we figured what’s one more stop. The Prohibition Distillery is the brain child of 2 guys who had enough of the corporate world and worked together to create Bootlegger 21 Vodka. We stopped in on Monday afternoon and were treated to a tour of the facility and the story of how the Distillery came to be. Located in Trout Town USA, Roscoe, NY this gem is well worth the drive. After our tour we sampled the Vodka which went down very smooth, without the little burn that most commercial vodkas have when drinking them straight up. If you happen upon Bootlegger 21 in a local liquor store, buy it you won’t be sorry.

After we unloaded the car we ran out to the pick up a few things we needed for the week, then it was home to unwind, make dinner, and prepare for the rest of the week ahead. The best news is that I got a text from my coworker that the office is closing at 12 on Weds, so I will only end up working a day and a half this week, all from home.


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