Deck The Halls Day 3

Day 3 began early as we had made plans to meet a twitter friend for breakfast over in Ithaca at a really great brunch place we found a few years ago right near the Cornell campus. After a nice leisurely meal, I had a fabulous Red Quinoa, Turkey and apple Omelet, The Hubby had the Brie Stuffed French Toast, we set off to tackle the Last 11 wineries on the Deck The Halls list.

Sunday’s agenda was (EE) Kings Garden to (S) Catherine Valley.

In addition to those we added 2 other stops, one to a place The Hubby likes to restock the basement, the other was not a winery but Finger Lake Distilling. We sampled some Vodka, Whiskey, and Maplejack Liquer. We also picked up my brother a bottle as a thank you for watching the Dogs.

IMG_0445Kings Garden doesn’t have a large tasting room but they do have very good wines with names like Royal Pain, Sinister Sister and Wicked Wench.


Hazlitt is another of our favorites from Grapehounds weekend. Not only do they host the Welcome Reception but they make a mean Wine Slushy! They won the prize for best food option with their French Onion Soup.

IMG_0792The logo for The Red Newt is really cute. They had the second best food pairing of a Sausage Meatball.

The Hubby took this video at one of our close to last stops, I think we did 3 more after this one. It makes me happy to know that the Staff at the Wineries can have just as much fun as the patrons of the wineries during the Deck Halls Weekend.


While at the Distillery I enjoyed their weekend special sample of a McKenzie Pure Pot Still Irish Hot Chocolate.


At the last stop they had another of our favorite food pairings, Frito Chili Pie!



On our way back the Motel we had to pull over on the side of the road to capture this picture of Hector Falls Creek. We pass by this in July when we are up there but it was simply amazing with the ice covering the rocks.


When all was said and done, we visited 31 of the 33 Wineries participating in Deck The Halls, plus 5 not on the list, over the course of 17 hours covering 81 miles of Lake. It should have been 34 wineries but one opted out of the weekend at the last minute, and 2 of them we opted to skip based on previous experiences there. In total for the entire weekend round trip we drove 845 miles.


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