Deck The Halls Day 2

Day 2 began chilly and windy but Sunny, though Mother Nature had a few Mood Swings as the day went on.


Saturday’s agenda was the West Side of the Lake (G) Prejean Winery through (R) Castel Grisch, this would be another 10 to tackle between 1o and 5. Well it was more 11-5 for us since we got a bit of a late start and stopped for breakfast on our way up the lake. Last year we found this local diner called The Crossing, their theme being Trains since they sit right next to the only railroad crossing on this side of the lake. No frills, no fuss, all the locals are regular, including Froggy who everyone in the place said goodbye to.  The food is nothing short of great, I mean it is a diner but damn the omelet was so good.

Of the 13 wineries we stopped at today, 3 weren’t on the Deck The Halls trail, and 2 of them were new to us. The Barnstormer has only been open 8 weeks but they have a good thing going. We hope they get involved in the Grapehounds weekend, but even if they don’t we will definitely visit them again.



The Hubby bought a new camera and was taking pictures this one was cute!


There are a few wineries around that have these bottle sculptures. Looking at the pricing of them (around $800-$1000) it would be a nice thing to have. We would of course supply our own bottles.IMG_0356

One of the wineries we hit today that wasn’t a part of the weekend has this awesome chandelier. Someone from Cornell University made it and installed it. They have learned that the glasses will just stay dusty because it’s too difficult to clean. Plus they broke one glass already and don’t want to break any more.


This winery may look fancy but their theme is Redneck wines. The wines are alright but we prefer the Mead from their sister company on the same compound.


One of the new Wineries on the Grapehounds trail has a wine called Red Scooter. They also have a Red Scooter in the tasting room. IMG_0381

Quite a few of the wineries were showcasing Wreaths of Deck The Halls past. This year was year 22 for the event.


While we were tasting at the Barnstormer this guy came in, and had to duck underneath practically every door way. The hubby made me go stand next to him for a height comparison.


Although there was some snow over the weekend it didn’t keep us from enjoying ourselves.I mean how can you not enjoy a view like this.


Saturday was the Day of The Doctor so the Hubby and I had to wear our Dr Who Shirts. We wanted a picture with this guy and his fancy Christmas T-Shirt.


This is Tracy. Tracy is CRAZY! We love Tracy. He works at one of our favorite Western side of the lake wineries Lakewood Vineyards. We love the wines there, The Hubby especially likes the Port, and the Staff is amazing. Tracy remembered us from our last trip up here in July. I told him we wanted a picture of us with him and this was the first one that was taken. Like I said, he’s Crazy.


IMG_0383Lakewood had a Festivus pole on display along with all of the other Holiday Decorations.

 The total now for the first day and a half of the event is 22 wineries, over the course of 10 hours. Stay tuned for the Day 3 (Sunday) recap.

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