Deck The Halls Day 1

Friday was the official start to the Deck the Halls weekend up here in the Finger Lakes. After a good breakfast and a stop for a sandwich for Lunch we headed out to tackle the Northern End of Seneca Lake and see how many wineries we could squeeze in, in the 4 hours allotted for the day.

The map below it the entire weekend’s worth of wineries participating in the Deck The Halls weekend. We Started on Friday at Winery (FF) Zugibe Vineryards, our goal was to go north from there and around the top of the lake. We made if from (FF) and stopped at (F) Anthony Road before we ran out of time, which made 9 wineries in 4 hours.

Map_2013_WithWineryNamesThe wineries each offered a food and wine pairing, and most offered a smaller additional tasting of 2 or 3 wines. Along with the food and wine we got a Wreath made from Grapevines and each Winery offered an ornament to decorate the wreath with. Some are pretty damn fancy, others were just alright. We have been having a great time, and below are some of the pics I took at the wineries. I should have taken more I know.



This was the winery we picked for our Starting Winery, we did that based on the fact we are very familiar with them as they are the host Winery for our July Grapehounds weekend.IMG_0240

This is the best Advent Calendar I have ever seen.


By far the best food pairing of the Day. I am glad we have a recipe booklet to make this one again.IMG_0261



After we spent the day winery hopping we had a quick little break back in the motel room, the hubby had a nice little nap, and then a quick change of clothes while we waited for our friend Toppie to meet us. Toppie does a podcast called The Smellcast and lives up in the Finger Lakes area (which he refers to as Pickle Hollow), so when we decided to come up we asked to see if he was free for dinner. I made reservations at the German Restaurant at one of the Wineries we planned to hit on Saturday. Castel Grisch has a German Buffet they offer on Friday and Saturday nights. The 3 of us spent a lovely couple hours, chatting and eating and drinking. It was a lovely night out and we look forward to seeing Toppie again in July when we come back.


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