Deck The Halls Day 0

I say Day 0 because it was technically the travel day, although it was full of plenty of things besides driving.

The trip was a relatively smooth one, traffic was light and the weather was fair to mediocre. We did hit a little snag (literally) on the highway after lunch, we ran over something, that didn’t make itself known until later in the evening. We actually just returned from breakfast and a local garage getting the exhaust heat shield zip-tied back onto the car so it won’t rattle anymore. Thankfully it didn’t cost much and the guys at the local garage were able to fit us in.

The first stop was lunch in Owego as I alluded to yesterday’s post. 2 years ago we decided to take an alternate route home from our summer Grapehounds weekend and stumbled upon this place for lunch. Yesterday marked our 4th visit in 2 years, and yes we will be making it 5 on Monday when we head home. Good Mexican food is hard to find in the Northeast. We are lucky to have  a local place that we like. To have found this gem in Central New York was a great day.


I had the Chicken Enchiladas, and not pictured was the basket of Chips and Salsa we shared.


The Hubby ordered 3 tacos, all served in homemade corn tortillas. I had a bite of the fish one and it was amazing, I may be having that for my lunch monday.


After lunch and the running over of things episode we made our way to The Corning Museum of Glass. In researching the trip the hubby happened upon some glass blowing workshops the museum was offering. For $29 each we got to go behind the glass shield and help a resident glass blower design and make a Pumpkin and an Ornament. Now we didn’t get hands on, it was more mouth on. The expert handled the molten glass and the spinning and rolling, and we supplied the hot air. Overall it was a fun experience that I think we would do again. We have to go back on Monday on the way home and pick up our stuff.


Here we are serving you glass blowing realness since Nov 2013.




This is the position we assumed for blowing, Glady was the expert here and she was lovely.


Here is the pumpkin The Hubby made. It looks darker than it actually will be when we pick it up just due to the temperature of the glass.


This is my ornament, I chose violet and pink for the colors to use and I think it will look fabulous.

After we blew our glass we perused the Market Place at the Museum, we picked out a few things we will pick up on the way home, we hopped back in the car and headed over to the Hotel to check in. The Motels up here are pretty much no frills and in the winter many aren’t even open as there just isn’t a high demand for wine touring in the colder months, with the exception of this weekend and the weekend after Thanksgiving.

We have a lovely King bed, I got a good deal on it for the weekend. It also looks based on the 2nd picture below that we have the entire east wing of the motel to ourselves. Upon further investigation it looks like there is someone else staying a few rooms over from us as there was a car there when we got back from dinner and the show.



After a quick unpack, rest, and change our clothes we headed out to find some dinner about a half hour away in Elmira, NY. It’s tough to find a place to eat when you aren’t familiar with the area and only relying on reviews of others. We stopped at one of the options and immediately looked at it and said, let’s go with choice 2.

We ended up at Charlie’s Cafe. The food was delicious the atmosphere quaint, the service was good but could have been better. The hubby started with a local beer from the brewery the next town over called Horseheads. I enjoyed 2 glasses of Riesling from one of the local wineries on Seneca Lake that we truly enjoy. The best part is the Manager/Owner came by and asked if I wanted another glass, and proceeds to bring me what he called “The Big Boy Glass”. It was noticeably larger than the first glass I was served. I made the comment that it’s good to be “Family”. For dinner  The hubby had the Lamb Chops served with loosely mashed potatoes, and green beans and a hunk of acorn squash. I had the Haddock with Wild Rice and the same vegetables.

After dinner we found our way over to the theater to see our friend Michael (he lived in CT, but now lives in FL) starring as Bill Austin in the National Tour of Mamma Mia!. If you get the chance and the tour is coming to your city I highly recommend seeing this show. And I am not just saying that because we know someone in the cast.

IMG_0736The seats were pretty good.

IMG_0738After the show we kidnapped (ok he went willingly) Michael and found this hole in the wall bar, it was either that or his hotel bar where there was Karaoke going on with some of the cast. It was a great to end the night just visiting with Michael over a couple drinks, it was like we have known each other forever. I wish him luck on the rest of the tour!

Now on to Day 1 of the official Deck The Halls Weekend.




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