And Owego

We are off bad running, well driving. And by driving I mean I’m in the passenger seat.

We’ve got our coffee and a light breakfast and podcasts to keep us company for the 3 hour drive to Owego, NY.

Why Owego? Aside from the fact that this is a picturesque quaint little town, it also has some damn good Mexican food for our lunch. Las Chicas Taqueria offers freshly made options from burritos to tacos, enchiladas and nachos all either with meat or vegetarian. They really do have something for everyone. This trip will make our 4th visit in 2 years. And we will probably stop again Monday on our way home.

After lunch it’s another hour to get to The Corning Museum of Glass for our Glass Blowing workshops. So far it’s smooth sailing here. The sun is shining, the traffic is light, and the views are the usual ones for this part of the highway.


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