Witches, Warlocks, Walt, and Ghouls

3 of these things are not the other. Although I am unsure which of the 4 mentioned items in the title post are the Scariest. I will let you all decide (and let me know in the comments).

First let me say Happy Halloween everyone. The weather here is better than it has been the past 2 years but overcast and dreary. Doesn’t matter much to me since I won’t be out Trick or Treating in it or trekking out to any parties. Just a simple dinner at home with the light off since I didn’t buy any candy and we never get any kids going door to door anyway.

So I may jump around a bit in the timeline of things just because I can so deal with it.

Monday night we had our annual election of officers at Drum Corps. Although there were originally 3 of us running for Drum Major, the current Drum Major, Myself, and the previous Asst Drum Major, the election did not go in my favor.  I was elected as the Asst Drum Major this year which makes me hopeful that next year I can be back in front of the Corps full time as the Drum Major. The current Drum Major removed his name from the ballot and the Woman who was Asst Last year had more family members in the voting population than I did it seems.

Tuesday night we were invited to attend a Gay Mens Social night that a semi-local bar/restaurant is trying to get going. It was a small crowd, most of which attend the First Monday of the month Social Night that we go to. It was a fun time and we look forward to going back again. We ended up joining a few of the regulars there for dinner, which ended with Flaming Shots. The video really is interesting, although the bartender had a bit of trouble getting his trick to work right every time.

Sunday we managed to harangue our Friends Walt and Ken (and by harangue I mean plan over a month ago) to meet for Brunch at the same place we met last time (July). We had a great time as always, enjoying the food, the company, and the eye candy, and judging others. Below is a pic of the one thing that Ruined Brunch.
20131031-104049.jpgThis is where Ken would have sat had he actually showed up. He was called away last minute to his his grandmother who was ill.  I was gracious enough to text him this picture and tell him he ruined brunch. I’m such a good friend.

Saturday night we were invited to The International Conference of Witches Warlocks & Ghouls, an annual party that our friend Tom has been hosting for years. We met Tom through our friends Mike and Geoff who host Gayme Night every month.

I wasn’t sure who we would know at the party but we ended up having a great time. The crowd was very mixed, straight, gay, lesbian, man, woman, and in between. There was an abundance of Women dressed as Men but the costumes were all fantastic. There was the token Sexy Cop who brought her Boyfriend the Convict, who was HOT!

thomHere is the host of the party as the Mad Hatter (without his Hat). Those tights, that chest hair, the fancy Jacket, he had it all. I was unable to find a good pic of him with the Hat on but it made the costume that much better.


This is me with our friends Mike (the Military guy) and Sam (the Gladiator). Mike’s Husband Geoff was unable to attend the party with us as he had a ton of school work to get done and ahead of since he has family coming in to visit next week.


Here are the Hubby and I (and Mike) as we arrived to the party. I should say after we arrived to the party and there were last minute adjustments to the costumes, most notably me taking off my jacket and pants I wore in the car to get to the party in. WHAT it was cold Saturday night. We don’t really have a name for what The Hubby is, it was a costume I wore a couple years ago we said was kinda Anime. It looked good on him. The other person missing from these 2 photos is Sam’s Husband Josh who was in and out of Costume as he went as a werewolf.

And so October is coming to a close which means good things ahead on the Work front. The changes to the organization, notably my dept assimilating into the Sales Dept take effect next week. Monday starts the new journey and as I’ve said to others around here, it’s every man or woman for themselves.

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