TMI Thursday – Sock it to Me

1. What’s your shoe size? 12
2. Do your socks and shoes stink? No, well maybe after marching a parade on a really hot day.
3. Around the house do you wear socks, slippers or go barefoot? Usually slippers but no socks, my feet get hot quickly.
4. What length and color are your athletic socks? Mid Calf White, Summer they are ankle socks
5. Do you wear normal dress socks or do you have some fun ones? Fun ones always rule over boring. Stripes and Polka dots.
6. Do you sleep with socks on or off? Off and sometimes with my feet hanging out from under the blankets.
7. During the summer do you go sockless? Yes, Socks are never worn with Sandals EVER, and barefoot around the house and yard.
8. Are socks on a man sexy? They are not a turn on but I do appreciate funky patterned and colored socks on man.
9. Have you ever used garters with socks? No.
0. Have you ever darned a sock? No, but I have said Darn you socks!

Sex – socks on or socks off? Well now that depends, if they are on I may leave them on, if they are off they will be off. I don’t put them on just for sex.

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