Time keeps on slipping

I wish I had more to update you with but since we have been back from our trip there hasn’t been anything exciting to report.

Drum Corps rehearsal season has started again so the Hubby becomes a widow on wednesday nights again. We are down to our last 3 parades of the year over the next 3 weeks.

I was ready to work on more vacation posts but now I have to wait until another piece of fancy technology comes via the post so the hubby can get the pictures from his iPhoto library into mine.

We played Guncles on Friday night taking the niece for the evening. We went to dinner and had Froyo and her mom picked her up Saturday morning. It was a fun night for everyone, including the waiter and waitress at the restaurant.

Last weekend after my parade the Hubby and I met our friends Steven and Paul, and Mike and Geoff for dinner and then we retired to Steven and Paul’s for some Cards Against Humanity. Geoff won.

This past Saturday was Gayme Night and of course we played CAH again. It really is one of the most popular games, and it really shows peoples inner workings.

Tonight we ended up at my parents house for an impromptu family gathering. My Dad’s Aunt passed away yesterday, and my Grandma has been up here visiting because of that. It was nice to just spend some time with everyone.

Autumn seems to have arrived  little early, we still went for our lunch time walk but as the day wore on the temperature dropped.

Fall TV Season is starting, which is good since Burn Notice is done, Game of Thrones and True Blood are off until next year. Downton Abbey is still 3 months away, and we have already watched all of season 1 of The White Queen.

I think I got all that was swimming around in there…..


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