Cruise Recap Part 1

And so we return, back to the real world, no more Diamond lounge, no one to cook us Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. No more nightly Friends of Dorothy gatherings in the champagne bar, which I will truly miss. Indra and Adi and Mariya will also be missed along with Julian who was always there at dinner to refill my wine glass.

The trip was relaxing and busy, hot and sunny, occasionally rainy, but most of all Fun. There were the Gays and the Straights, the young and old and everything in between. Since we were without any connections to the outside world, I will attempt to recap as best I can now and hope I don’t miss anything. Not that there is really all that much to report on, like I said, there was a lot of relaxing.

The easiest recap I can do is our nightly dinner in the dining room. We were at a table for 13, with most nights at least 2 people missing over the entire 7 nights. We had North Carolina, New Jersey, Texas, Puerto Rico, Connecticut, and Calgary all covered between us. NC was a nice older couple, avid cruisers like us as we also saw them in the Diamond Lounge every night. Puerto Rico only joined us 2 times during the cruise as they felt a little out of touch since the Wife spoke practically no English so they really had trouble following conversation.  New Jersey was a middle-aged couple and were an absolute delight to chat with and occasionally we saw them around the ship. Texas was a cute couple with a 9 month old whom they left home for the first time. They are your typical late 20’s former teacher/lawyer family who like to drink, socialize, and sky dive. Calgary was Mom and Daughter and the daughters’ boyfriend. The sweetest family ever! We truly enjoyed dining with them every night.

Since we were Diamond Members with Royal Caribbean we had access to a lounge, The Vortex on deck 13, for free nightly drinks, the Hubby had Red Wine all week and I drank Champagne. The 2 Bartenders (Indra and Adi mentioned earlier) both from Indonesia, kept our glasses full and were both really funny guys. Surprisingly the Diamond Lounge never had more than 12-15 people in attendance every night.  The lounge was available to us from 5-8 but since we always left at 6:30, full glass in hand, to meet up with the Gays.

The gaggle of Gays, or The Friends Of Dorothy as the meeting is usually called for those in the know, convened nightly at the Champagne Bar. This is the first of our 15 cruises that other Gays actually showed up to the FOD meeting on the first night and we all kept coming back. Matt and John from Atlanta, Don and Ed from New York and Florida, and Tracer and Tony from Orlando rounded out the nightly gathering. We pretty much took over this small part of the Champagne Bar and enjoyed drinks and fabulous company until we all had to head to dinner at 8:45. This was the best group of Gays we have ever met on a cruise and would totally hang out with them any day of the week. Actually Ed and Don when in NY are not that from us so we hope to get together with them sometime.

Well that about wraps up the generic cruise stuff. I will leave this post for now and recap the ports in another post. This was written in the San Juan airport while we await our flight home. Once we get the pictures off the phones and the camera I will work on some additional posts. I have some video from our Ziplining adventure in St Kitts and some good sunset pictures.


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