Lunch – Puerto Rican Style

So the day started super early. Yes that alarm is set for AM. Vacation is the only reason I will ever willing get up at that hour.


The view from the plane mid morning made the getting up at 3:15 just bearable. The hubby unfortunately was stuck in the middle seat next to Mr Flatulence, for 4 hours. We couldn’t get off the plane fast enough when we finally landed.


The Hubby and I were surprised at how quickly we were able to retrieve our baggage and then get a taxi to the hotel.

This was the first trip we have had to find accommodations other than an Employee Rate Room at a Marriott Family hotel. Since Mom is no longer working we lost that little perk. So to the internet I went stumbled upon This is in no way a sales pitch for them but I must say so far I am impressed.

My biggest fear was getting to The At Wind Chimes Boutique Hotel and the front desk telling me there was no reservation. That fear was quickly waylaid and the lovely gentleman that checked us in even allowed us to go to our room 3 hours prior to standard check in. The room I booked was billed as a deluxe room and either a City view or a balcony. We ended up with a Balcony which was fine for us. It is an out of the way corner of the “resort” with a Bar at the bottom of the stairs. Perfect for us for one night.


This is the room with the King Size bed.

Once we were all checked in and settled, the mission before us was to find lunch. We had a couple places in mind from Yelp! but when we actually found them we weren’t impressed. So we walked some more and came across

La Tasca De Yiyo

What a gem and literally around the corner from the hotel, which worked out good cause once we finished lunch and headed out a storm was moving in, thunder and all, so we headed back to the room to wait it out. And Nap.


We started our vacation off right with a drink and cheers to our 15th Anniversary (8 months late), and the start of what will be our 15th cruise. The hubby had a local beer and I had a Rum Punch.


Based on the reccomendation of our waiter (who happened to live in the Bronx until he was 17) we ordered the Fried Plantains appetizer. WOW were these delicious, crispy, and super garlicky.


For the main course we decided to order 2 very different things and share. The restaurant touts itself as Cuban/Puerto Rican so we ordered what they call the Cuban Dish. It was delicious Fried Pork, a Tamale, Sweet Onions, Rice, and the only thing on the plate we didn’t care for Cassava.


Of course you can’t come to Puerto Rico and NOT have Mofongo, a smashed plantain dish served with a multitude of meat choices. Again based off the waiters suggestion, and again he didn’t disappoint us, we opted for the Shredded Beef.

All in all it’s been a good start to our vacation. We are here for the night so Dinner will be the next adventure. Then tomorrow we will grab breakfast, a taxi, and head over to the cruise terminal to begin that leg of our journey.


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