March, Eat, Play

This week had them all and in that particular order.

Last Wednesdays was what usually ends up being the shortest parade of the season. This little town called South Salem, NY has the distinction of that honor. Just under 3/4 of a mile (I tracked it). Below is some video my Girlfriend was able to get of us at the end of the parade. So now you can see what I do when I say March and Play.

Saturday night was Gayme Night, but this was a special one because it was the 4th Anniversary of Gayme Night. The our friends decided back in June when we were talking about it that this year they wanted to do a Pot Luck again. The Hubby slaved away at the smoker and brought his delicious Pulled Pork, while I went the dessert route and made


Maple Bourbon Ice Cream, one version with Candied Bacon and one version with Dulce De Leche.


I got these cute cupcake papers from a friend of mine and they worked perfectly for transport and presentation of the Ice Cream.


Aren’t they cute!


Since it was Gayme Night I of course had to wear a fun T-Shirt.


We played everyone’s favorite game Cards Against Humanity.

The winning answer to this was “The Boners of the Elderly”

Sunday was chores day, I started with the Breakfast and Lunch food prep for the week then moved out to mow the lawn. Although I still used the bagger it wasn’t as bad as it has been a few other times this summer. I will most likely end up doing it again once more before we leave on vacation. After chores we ran out and did a bit of shopping for some groceries and some clothes for our trip.

 Monday night we ended up meeting some friends for an impromptu night out of dinner and drinks.

And now the best part of the week we have finally hit the Single Digits in the “days” part of the countdown until the cruise. I. CAN’T. WAIT!



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