TMI Answers: Eat! Drink! Be Mary!


1. Cocktails at brunch: Bloody Mary or Mimosa? Mimosa, I just never had the taste for tomato juice, even with the vodka and horseradish, and don’t get me strarted on the a drink indeed.
2. Do you have a favorite food/drink pairing? Not a favorite pairing but a usual drink when we go certain places. Our favorite Asian restaurant no matter what I order to eat I always order the Riesling.
3. Beer? Wine? or Cocktails? Why? Wine or Cocktails, again depending on where I am. Never got the affinity for Beer, I’ve tried some of the Hubby’s but just don’t like it. Cocktails are the staple at our friends monthly Game Night, Wine is usually at home or if we are having a nice dinner with friends.
4. Red wine or white wine? White. Sweeter Whites usually. Although a nice Red Sangria will hit the spot too, Nothing beats sangria in Spain though.
5. Tell me about the hard stuff. Vodka tends to be my go to. Though occasionally I will mix it up with Tequila (mm pina colada) or a Rum and Coke. Sometimes even a Long Island Ice Tea or 3.
6. Cigars? No.
7. When was the last time you were hungover? Worst hangover? Does the middle of the day count as hungover? Spent the morning Drinking at Brunch, then moved on to a Bar, then still had to go bowling that night. I am surprised the ball made it down the lane. Yeah that was a few months ago.
8. Best hangover cure. Sleeping Late, then coffee, and maybe an afternoon Nap.
9. Craziest/baddest thing you did when you had too much? Did you remember it or did your friends inform you? Make it a fun one! It was my Birthday week, we were sailing the High Seas on a Transatlantic Cruise. We stopped in the Azores for the day, and we proceeded to have what I dubbed The Topless Tapas Tour. We drank our way around this cozy town off the coast of Portugal. The Hubby had to help (practically carry) me back to the cruise ship. It was a night at the buffet and an early bedtime for me that day.
Are you a cheap date? How many drinks does it take you get you into bed? My Hubby would say I am an expensive date, only because I order the fancy umbrella drinks that tend to cost an arm and a leg. How many to get me in bed…3 if you are good, any more and the sounds from the bed will be snoring.

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