Magic, Mystery, and Man Flesh

So the fourth has come and gone, the summer holidays are just slipping by. We had a pretty busy and fun week/weekend.  The Hubby’s best friend whom he has known since they were in elementary school made his annual trek up north. Normally he visits Memorial Day week but this year he pushed it back to the Fourth.

He arrived late Tuesday night which worked perfectly as I had a parade and the hubby was picking up our other 4 legged house guest we were watching for the week. Naturally it rained on Tuesday but not until after we were done marching, so instead of getting wet marching some of us got wet looking for the bus.

Wednesday we attended a fireworks show at the local airport/mall. Now we know better than to actually sit in the mall parking lot and watch them. We were about a half mile away in the parking lot of the company my brother works for. It sits right near a lake and I managed to snap this picture right at sunset.


Thursday was a very quiet day. We just relaxed and spent some time in the pool and grilled some steaks.  Friday I had to work, but the hubby took the day off and he and his friend took a day trip to the middle of CT to the Steam Train and River Boat for a few hours of fun, then a trip to IKEA for a few things.

I was glad to be working from home Friday because it sure seemed like I was the only one working, I heard from 2 customers and that was all before noon. I did manage a quick float in the pool on my lunch hour. Once the the Hubby and his friend got home we had a quick drink then headed to one of our favorite English Pubs for dinner. We really enjoy this place but were a little disappointed with the service and food Friday Night, it just wasn’t what we were used to.

The weather post Tuesday Night was Fabulous for the rest of the week. There was Heat and Humidity and Sunshine! This was a good thing as we had a Pool party to attend to celebrate the Birthdays of the Hosts and just to celebrate the Summer.

20130708-154025.jpgThis is the pool of our friends. I had a lovely time just floating on a mat in the middle of it all. Our friend didn’t come with us so we bid our hosts adieu and headed home for dinner and  relaxing.


Our friends go all out and tend to hire some help for their parties. The Summer help is pictured above, it was nice of him to pour my wine for me. *first part of man flesh from the title

We had planned on Sunday to spend the day in NYC and hopefully catch a show if things worked out. We got up early and drove the hour to Times Square found a place to park and wandered over to the TKTS booth to see what was available.  I watched the TKTS app from my phone all week to get an idea of what might be on the list.

There was one show at the top of my list that I really wanted to see, it had been on the boards all week, and of course we get in line and the show isn’t on the boards. So I do some poking and look to see what we can do and find on the website that the theater offers rush tickets, which are a block of tickets for $37, once the box office opens. So we head over to the Music Box Theater to get in line and wait and see what we can get.

There were no Rush tickets left by the time we got to the door way to the box office lobby, but they still had some full price tickets for the Mezzanine left, a quick huddle and we had our tickets to see Best Musical Revival Tony Award winner Pippin.20130708-154053.jpgThis was the view while I waited in line for an hour and a half, mostly in the sun.

Now not knowing the full story of Pippin and only seeing a snippet of it from the Tony’s, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew the Revival took a different spin with the presentation, a circus theme a la Cirque Du Soleil. The show was FABULOUS! I loved it, the story, the music, the acting, the acrobatics, the man flesh *second part of man flesh from the title.

“PIPPIN tells the story of a young prince on a death-defying journey to find meaning in his existence. Will he choose a happy but simple life? Or will he risk everything for a singular flash of glory?” – from the website.

Now I know quite a few people have been gaga over Patina Miller (The Player) and Andrea Martin (Berthe) and I must say that their performances did not disappoint at all. They were both captivating in their roles. The opening scene with Patina and the Company was outstanding and really captured what the show was to include per the circus theme. For this performance Pippin was played by the understudy and not the usual actor, but honestly if I didn’t know that ahead of time I never would have known. He seemed flawless in his singing and in the few circus stunts he was a part of. I would definitely say this is a show to see and would go so far as to say I would totally see this a 2nd time if friends wanted to make a group of it.

So now to backtrack, in between buying the tickets and seeing the show we had to squeeze in lunch. We didn’t have far to go as right across the street from the Theater is Juniors, known for their Cheesecake. We sat at the counter as there was no wait for those seats and had a very cute bartender/waiter Peter.

20130708-154101.jpgI am a sucker for a Reuben and ordered the

Combo Rueben – Corned Beef & Pastrami, Grilled Sauerkraut and Swiss on Rye

20130708-154107.jpgThe Hubby was adventurous and ordered what was my second choice

SOMETHING DIFFERENT – Brisket of Beef on Potato Pancakes with Au Jus or Country Gravy and Apple Sauce.

No trip to Juniors would be complete without having some of their Most Fabulous Cheesecake. The problem was between the 3 of us we were kinda stuffed, so we decided to share 2 slices between us.


20130708-154119.jpgRED VELVET CHEESECAKE

After lunch we still had about and hour and a half to before the show so we did the touristy thing and wandered Times Square. We hit Toy’s R Us and the M&M Store and did some people watching.

After the show we met up at with our friends Craig and Todd for a drink (or 2) and some good conversation. Since they are city dwellers we asked them to recommend a place for us for dinner before we headed home. The Hubby finally settled on The Delta Grill. It has a nice Louisiana feel to it (complete with lack of air movement) and a pretty good Menu.

We were still a little bit full from lunch, even after all the walking, so we settled on a pretty light meal. The Hubby and I both ordered a cup of the Chicken and Smoked Pork Andouille Gumbo, The Hubby had a side of Fried Okra Served with a creole mustard dipping sauce with his, and I had Jambalaya Wontons with mine. Our friend ordered the Jambalaya knowing he would only eat some and have the rest for lunch on Monday while we were at work.

That about catches you all up with the busy week. There are 2 parades this weekend, one Friday and one Saturday, along with Gayme Night Saturday Night.


2 thoughts on “Magic, Mystery, and Man Flesh

  1. I am so damn JEALOUS! I’ll take a gander and guess that this is what your reward is for living in that area – I strut around like a peacock during the winter and summer months, cooing about how ya’ll get the worst weather; we get mild of both extremes. I’d love to see Pippin, especially Patina Miller! I saw them perform on The View and she was amazing…

    I’d like to think I got through your post, but I stopped at cheesecake! My all time favorite dessert…and your party’s looks amazing!

    Thank you for the opportunity to peer into your life…oh and the napkin worthy cheesecake – both kinds (man flesh)!

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